$10 = 100,000 Fake SoundCloud Plays…

Buyer (label, publisher, promoter, licensor) beware. Because all it takes is a few dollars to play…

But… just 3,500?

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But… just Soundcloud?

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But, just YouTube, Twitter, and SoundCloud…?  You get the idea.

15 Responses

  1. Burt Sax

    This has opened my eyes to a beautiful new business. I can charge $0.0001 to listen to their song once. All I need is 100k hard-up artists to get me to a nice, round $10.
    They can even use Spotify to fund this, as a single stream could pay me to lsiten to 40 songs.
    That $10 is in my sights. This is definitely a good way to make money.

  2. GGG

    Smart people know fake/bought/ad-driven ‘likes’ when they see it. Only morons pay for this stuff and/or fall for it.
    See a certain resident commenters artist page for evidence of this..

  3. mike

    This ‘service’ has been offered for other social sites for years. While loading up on a bunch of fake follows, views, listens is a horrible waste of time (its always apparent that they’re fake by clear lack of meaningful engagement), using a service like this once to jumpstart a track or video can be useful as a part of a larger and more organic marketing approuch.

  4. Visitor

    it is much cheaper than what a music promotion company is asking for the same thing, with less results 🙂

    • Big Swifty

      I’m in the marketing business and………well…..you’re right.

    • GGG

      I’d argue the results are better on paper, but don’t necessarily mean anything. Look at our resident canadian “artist’s” facebook page and he’s got like 7K likes, which he got by buying a ton of ads. Hardly any activity on his page, though. Meanwhile, I have a friend signed to Epic who’s page has 4K likes, and everything they post gets almost 200 likes, 10+ comments, etc. Not to mention they released a single today that’s #25 on the iTunes pop charts. That, my friends, is the difference between having fans and having “fans.”

      • Yves Villeneuve

        Just so there isn’t too much inadvertent disinformation out there, I assume the fans of this Epic artist are mostly in one time zone therefore fans are more likely to see the post in their news feed.
        My last post was seen by 463 fans resulting in 8 likes and 1 comment. My fans are spread out in 24 time zones. When we put things into context we can more easily filter bad analysis and conclusions.
        I am only commenting to help other artists better understand the nuances of Facebook engagement and able to understand potential differences from one artist to another. Not always black and white.

        • GGG

          They built up their career in NYC and now live in LA where they grew it even more, so they aren’t focused in one time zone. They also tour(ed) with an Aussie a lot, so they have a decent sized fanbase down under, as well.
          Sorry, but your excuses are just that. If people give a shit about you, they let you know. And as an artist, they are constantly giving back, as well. New songs, youtube videos, fan interaction, etc. They don’t just sit on 4+ year old albums complaining about non-existent conspiracies. People post on their wall proactively all the time, their youtube videos get comments, and they have a single that’s selling very well for having such comparatively low online numbers, etc etc. That’s called having fans. The difference between their fanpage and yours is as black and white as it gets when it comes to understanding how arbitrary numbers can be online.

          • Yves Villeneuve

            I don’t believe I understand your comparisons. The Epic artist’s fan base appears to mostly reside in the USA, maybe mostly in two large cities. Mine encompasses every time zone in the world.
            You are misinformed on my career, as usual. By the way, I’m not necessarily complaining about conspiracies.
            Anyways, we’ve been trough this, you have the ability to discredit any of my claims with simple gathering of “real” evidence, but choose not to. Add an anonymous, free iTunes review or rating and you will have discredited me. If you don’t want to write the review or add a rating, have a friend do it. If you truly believe my music is horrible you shouldn’t fear my music will catch on, so adding a rating or review is pointless exposure, you can always delete it later. If you refuse, it says more about your integrity. What’s wrong? You don’t like a fair challenge?

          • GGG

            Time zones are irrelevant to people interacting with artists they like. Keep up with the excuses though, they get funnier and funnier every time a new one pops up.
            And yes, we have been through this. I will never waste even something as menial as a clicking a star next to your name on you, since you want me to so badly.

          • Yves Villeneuve

            Time zones are relevant unless fans are in the habit of visiting the page directly. This rarely happens… Less than 10% of fans visit more than once according to stats reported online by facebook experts. Also, the label could have paid to advertise the facebook posts to all the artist’s fans thereby boosting their engagement. Wouldn’t cost much to repeatedly engage all 4k fans. My June 25th post reached 1575 fans and 80 likes, 1136 of those were paid reach. If I had paid to reach 4000 fans my post likes would also exceed 200+ just like the Epic artist. Could I do it for every post? I would need to know what works and what doesn’t, but similar engagement targets to the Epic artist are definitely possible.
            Don’t want to prove your allegations? Suit yourself. More lame excuses or you have already tried but obviously to no avail, I assume the latter… You could never prove differently, anyways. You are simply into believing conspiracy theories involving Yves Villeneuve. Lol

          • Vlad

            Just found your facebook page dude. This may sound harsh but wow, embarrassing lack of interaction and painfully obvious it is payed for. I would be ashamed if someone I knew found out I had payed for a fake fanbase. You seem to be good at rationalizing things to yourself though, which makes sense, since I couldn’t imagine being able to forfeit so much dignity in life without that skill!