Introducing MyFreeMP3: It’s Just Like Spotify, But With Downloads…

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This is already one of the largest sites in France, despite being less than a year old.  It’s MyFreeMP3 (, and it offers pretty much every artist catalog for free, via streaming or downloading (your choice).

All without ads or subscription fees.  Or, any licensing payouts from what we can see.

The question is whether artists have any hope whatsoever of removing their content.  Spotify absolutely must remove content – for good – if the rights owner demands (see Atoms for Peace).  Even Grooveshark, which is based in the US, is subject to DMCA and copyright laws, and even signs the occasional rights deal.   MyFreeMP3, by comparison, probably won’t respond to anything except a forced shutdown.

MyFreeMP3 lacks many of the things that make Spotify a great user experience.  There are no apps, no playlists, and limited recommendations.  But in some ways MyFreeMP3 is cleaner and simpler: ads don’t interrupt playback, and it’s certainly less cumbersome on the wallet.

Here’s what the site looks like on an iPad 2.  Playback is perfect, swiveling works through Chrome, etc.

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The site advertises itself as Russian, though some readers are already tracing this back to Lithuania.  Alongside France, Germany ranks as another top traffic country, with the US, Canada, and South Africa also high on the list.

36 Responses

    • Tune Hunter

      Not yet! Time for Discovery Moment Monetization.
      Get the cash from the kreep when hi bumps in to the tune for the first time – then he can go to Spoofy, Veevoo or The Tube!
      We have to put the walls around the music and deprive all those proven, psycho – business models of free music ID and free music suggest services. Otherwise the rape will go on!

      • Visitor

        Are you posting the same shit joke in different words or are you actually mental?
        Either way go suck a fart, this is nonsense

        • Visitor

          It is only hope or music providers are finished!
          Allow this shit to go little longer and there will be no new cash!
          Also each great hit will have 20 copy cats so pchycos can have improved variaty in this ongoing rape mode.

    • Visitor

      and then there’s this…

      Aiding and Infringing : iPad Music Apps – A New Low

  1. rikki

    Here is a thought pay on the amount of digital information you recieve…
    99 cents for a full wav file and 9 cents for a 128K ok quality file.

  2. Casey

    It indeed looks to be from Lithuania or at least hosted there.

    Can users upload music to them?

    • Vail, CO T

      Looks user-uploaded but they may be fixing titles and formatting a little more.

  3. Yves Villeneuve

    As far as I can tell, a group of hackers created this site to avenge the losing battle to keep music theft relevant. They are trying to act like terrorists to the music industry. Obviously criminal-minded but childish to say the least.

  4. spraynard

    “MyFreeMP3 lacks many of the things that make Spotify a great experience”
    only NOW, once a service like MyFreeMP3 surfaces, do you say Spotify is a “great experience”. Pretty recently everyone on DMN was complaining about how awful and unfair Spotify was…

      • Paul Resnikoff

        Spotify arguably has one of the best streaming experiences, though services like Rdio are no slouches. This is all great for consumers, who get everything, everywhere, for a small price. The questions on royalties and compensation are not user experience issues, at least directly.

        • Patriq

          Paul, why are you giving an unlicensed service like this free promotion?
          There are at least a dozen sites like this one, all originating in Russia with it’s non-existing compensation and licensing laws, so there is nothing new here since the last 10 years. A really strange move by DMN and you.

          • Casey

            I don’t think most DMN visitors are people looking to find a place to pirate music.

  5. Champion

    Spotify is the real enemy though. Keep up the good fight, Paul!

  6. Gil White

    I don’t really get the point of this article.

    The reason the author is putting this copyright infringing site on a pedestal is un clear to me…

    • Salim

      I believe if everyone confroting such websites takes action and e.g. contacts and pushes their hosting providers, something will change. Maybe there is something wrong with Russian laws. I don’t know. But I think it will beome more clear when studied…

  7. JTV Digital

    It reminds me of the “good old days”.
    Honestly it should not be that difficult to shut that down.
    It’s a matter of will essentially.
    Where are the servers located? In Lithuania?
    Lithuania is a member of the EU since 2004, so is it that difficult to send Interpol there (or even the local authorities) and shut this down?
    Why is this site still here after 1 year?
    I think that’s the key question here.

    • Visitor

      “Why is this site still here after 1 year?”
      Because nobody has done anything until now.
      As you say, it shouldn’t be a problem to shut it down. But somebody has to do something…

      • JTV

        ok but ahum…there are teams in all major labels named “anti-piracy”, how haven’t they seen that site?

    • Richard Zedalius

      Maybe it will be just as easy as shutting down Piratebay 🙂
      I am sure it can be done within a couple of years, and then another will appear within a couple of minutes in Honduras or on the south pole.

  8. An Old Person

    “swivelling works through Chrome”
    Sorry, but what does this mean?

  9. CC

    that’s not a legal platform (why is it being compared to spotify?) , release the hounds!

    • steveh

      why is it being compared to spotify?
      Because it has the same foul effect as Spotify:- cheapening and devalueing our recorded music catalogues…

  10. B

    Tracks are all in a big list, not even sortable by album. Bitrates appear to be all over the map. The songs I sampled were 128k and 192k, which are more or less unlistenable crap. This site is garbage. I would far rather pay Spotify’s monthly rate for the convenience of sortable tracks at 320k.

  11. PiratesCaribbean

    I just found my music on this website…
    It’s the first time I’ve been first hand effected by something like this and I feel like someone broke into my house and then sent me a video of them sleeping in my bed.
    Strange example, I know. I feel violated.

    • Richard Zedalius

      Stop whining and be happy that people actually take the time and want to listen to your stuff. If you didnt want it to be shared, then you shouldnt have published it in the first place. Or you should have a record with Yves, that also works against filesharing.

      • steveh

        Surely you are joking, I mean seriously, you’re joking are you not?
        You don’t seriously believe that do you?

  12. Visitor

    The site uses Google services. It is very simple for a copyright owner or agent to report this activity to Google. Then the services will not be available any more. You can email Google support and report stuff with good results, if you do it the right way.
    I wish a label paid me 600 Euro a month, I would gladly stop all this shit once and for all in less than a year. Yes I am serious. I need the money, you need the job done, what’s the problem here? But I guess they can’t afford that, they need the money to spend it on useless Facebook hits.