Live Nation’s Chief Financial Officer Starts Dumping Shares…

This wouldn’t seem so strange if the CEO hadn’t just dumped 40 percent of his shares.  But over the past few days, Live Nation’s EVP and Chief Financial Officer — ie, the one closest to the books — has started cashing out as well.



According to papers recently filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), CFO Kathleen Willard has just cashed nearly $900,000 in LYV stock, despite a share price that keeps falling.


Or, maybe because the share price keeps falling: Willard relieved her portfolio of 50,000 shares at the slightly-depressed $17.26.  The result was a handsome, $864,000 payout.


The question is whether this is all obvious writing on the wall, and time for everyone else to jump ship as well.  CEO Michael Rapino, arguably closest to the company and its prospects, undoubtedly thought very carefully about when to shed nearly half his stock holdings.  Others, including board members Ari Emanuel and Mark Shapiro, also executed sizable sales in recent weeks.

You fill out the rest.


6 Responses

  1. Live Inflation

    Something’s wrong when execs become personal profit maximizers. This company is cooked in 3 years.

  2. A.Nonny Mouse

    …Such nice people those Live Nation folk, just ask around. I guess it trickled down from the top.

  3. danwriter

    A dozen years ago or so people used to complain about the music industry being focused on money to the exclusion of art. Compared to the business landscape today, those days look like a happy commune in Vermont. The level of financial activity — the sums involved, the market machinations, and perhaps worst of all the concentration of that money not only in the hands of a relative few but those whose creativity has mainly to to with accounting tricks — vastly overshadows the music it putatively is all about. Streaming services, artist DIY “tools,” etc. resemble little more than pump-and-dump schemes run from a well-upholstered boiler room