Also: Spindio,, SourceAudio, Routenote, Alliance, Radical.FM, Live Inflation…

And oh-so-quietly, the indie-focused, Williamsburg-based Spindio ( is gaining early traction.  The Spindio platform combines local streaming music and event listings into one interface, and was recently crowned an official app of the upcoming CMJ Music Marathon in New York.  That coincides with a modest, but potentially life-enabling, $100,000 starter round.

That also follows a grander, $1.2 million round for, which enables artists to record, distribute, and generate better revenues from live performances.  The round was led by Golden Venture Partners, who sees life beyond the crappy, smartphone-recorded gig.

Which brings us to SourceAudio, a licensing exchange for musicians, rights owners, and producers.  The platform also just rallied another $1.2 million, with Emerson Investment Group leading the charge.  Watch this fertile space: at present, sync licensing lacks a definitive, iTunes-like common platform for searching, discovery, and exchange.

Elsewhere, digital distributor Routenote has just launched its 2.0 platform.  That includes expanded distribution endpoints into Rdio, Google Play, Xbox Music, and Deezer, as well as a referral payout system.  Routenote, at, offers a mix of free and premium distribution packages.

Alliance Entertainment has ‘officially officially’ been sold, according to details now confirmed by sellers Platinum Equity and The Gores Group.  The buyer, Super D, now oversees the second-largest wholesaler of CDs, DVDs, and other similar physical assets, with annual revenues hovering around $900 million.

Donation-based streaming concept Radical.FM hasn’t faded into oblivion, at least not yet.  In a ‘we’re back!’ email, the company pointed to a iOS app of a revamped service, with Android and online platforms ahead.  The company was far noisier back in 2012; let’s see if there’s a 2014.

And, shares of Live Nation (LYV) continue to edge downward, with aggressive stock dumping by top executives a potential de-motivator for Wall Street investors.  Live Nation shares landed at $17.20 at the closing bell on Thursday; the latest dump-off came from CFO Kathleen Willard, who shed nearly $900,000 in shares.  Last month, CEO Michael Rapino sold nearly 40 percent of his holdings for a near-$12 million loot.


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  1. Visitor

    I don’t see anything revolutionary about RouteNote’s update. It looks like a 5 year old build the service. I’ve also been getting loads of problems with these guys and based on Google I’m not the only one!

    I recommend you guys go to ADEDistribution. They are WAY better than RouteNote!