Executive Shuffles: Kobalt Label Services, Shazam…

The latest comings & goings…

Kobalt has just named Diarmuid Quinn as President of Kobalt Label Services for North America.  Quinn, a longtime label exec, will report into Richard Sanders, Chairman of Kobalt Label Services and President of Kobalt Music Group.

Quinn, who will be focused on both internal staffing and artist acquisition, comes to the table with extensive label, management, and production experience.  “Kobalt is changing the music industry, and Diarmuid Quinn is the right person to help us execute our vision,” said Willard Ahdritz, Founder and CEO of Kobalt Music Group.

Elsewhere, Shazam has just plucked Kevin McGurn from Hulu, and ID’d him title of Chief Revenue Officer.  McGurn was a top advertising executive at Hulu.  (Separately, Shazam just released its iOS 7.0 upgrade.)

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