Want Handsfree? Split Lets You Control Your Music by Clenching Your Teeth…

Because cords get tangled, and Bluetooth never ironed out the kinks.



Which brings us to Split, a wireless earbud system that lets you control the volume, skip tracks and perform other phone-based audio player functions with simple teeth clenching – ie, bite clicks.

The idea is to create not only a completely hands-free experience, but one that reduces the electromagnetic radiation that accompanies other systems like Bluetooth.  “We believe our technology will set a new standard for bio-compatibility, safety and enjoyment in portable audio electronics,” the eco-conscious developing team Greenwing Audio relayed.



There’s only one catch: this hasn’t been invented yet, or at least fully manufactured.  But, the good news is that Greenwing is preparing to post a Kickstarter campaign this week to raise the necessary funds (you can’t bid yet, but you can give early feedback and start donating later this week).


Pledge levels are being put together, but it looks like a donation of $29 will get you a t-shirt, while a $155 donation gets you a pre-market, sample pair of buds before anyone else.