WiMP Thinks Consumers Will Care About HiFi Streaming…

Does the average music consumer really care about or even notice the quality of what they are listening to? Are Youtube-to-MP3 ripping sites temporary fixes for a public yet to discover the joys of high quality audio?

Judging by the lower quality of audio on services like Pandora and iTunes, it doesn’t seem like it.


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Enter WiMP, which is certainly banking on the idea that consumers will get behind high quality audio streaming. The company is a top regional competitor to Spotify in Germany, Poland, and Scandinavia — ie, locations where music streaming services are incredibly popular.

Today, WiMP launched WiMP HiFi, which is the first Scandinavian music streaming service to offer lossless CD quality. WiMP’s CEO Andy Chen believes this quality will change the market. “Streaming music has always been limited to low audio quality and WiMP, which has always stood for high quality music experience with our products, is pleased to be able to deliver a superior service in an increasingly discerning market of music streaming.”


“We believe that hifi will become a standard in music streaming much similar to HD for TV.”


While this sounds like great news for audiophiles and tech lovers, WiMP will have to draw in the average consumer.  The company is launching an editorial feature series as part of their efforts, but will it be enough?


6 Responses

  1. Visitor

    The problem isn’t AAC.
    The problem is sh1tty earbuds.

  2. hippydog

    QUOTE “The company is launching an editorial feature series as part of their efforts, but will it be enough?”
    the 256 kbps AAC that itunes uses is pretty much transparent to most users..
    The huge majority of people would not even notice the difference between 256 AAC and a CD being played.. Especially with the majority of todays music..
    Audiophiles and lovers of classical music would be the only ones interested..

  3. Louis

    So essentially it’s the caviar of streaming music… Though I personally like the idea, I know that most people probably won’t care that much, especially if it comes with a higher cost. Most people just want to click on spotify or rdio or torch music and hear their tunes, and they don’t really care if it’s super high quality or not. It’ll be interesting to see if it catches on.

  4. Chris

    Im still waiting for this nice service coming out in Germany – hopefully this month.
    For the majority of people (~90%) this service its uninteresting i think – especially looking at the monthly fees they have to pay. (I mean those “Dr. Dre Beatsaudio” listener…Sry … those guys would like to have every streaming service for free….)
    Listening to music is one part, however if you are used to enjoy music on your 5-10k loudspeakers etc. -> that makes a HUGE difference. At least to me.
    No one will be pushed to jump on this service – you have still the Basic / Premium options which are o.k. for most of the people.
    However I for myself will jump on this nice service they provide. Looking really forward to it.
    Basically thats the FUTURE if you have the right setup already at home to ENJOYE music.

  5. Tune Hunter

    Stream #1 at 10 cents and 6 additional streams of 5 cents will make you a proud owner MP# or HiFi.
    Musicians deserved to see money! Technology is here and it is overdue to have fair to all no subscription streaming.