Hate Guitar Center? Resy Makes Shopping for Gear a Little More Personal…

If you’re sick of going to Guitar Center and online comparison shopping for musical instruments, take note.  Online startup Resy is launching with hopes of making the process of buying musical instruments a little more personal.

Resy is a flash sale site that will begin selling instruments at the end of October. Each week a new “innovated, hand crafted, or well designed” product will be sold, kind of like a small scale Fab for instruments.


The site is hosting some giveaways which give a glimpse of the type of products they will be selling.  So far there’s a redesigned bass drum kick pedal, an oil can guitar, and a software plugin used by Boys Noize and Modeselektor.

Resy appears to be an exciting new choice for those of us that feel a deep personal connection with musical instruments.

4 Responses

  1. jw

    Fab just laid off 250 employees and ditched the flash sale model all together. I wouldn’t be using the phrase “flash sale” or telling anybody that I was a “small scale Fab for instruments.” I give these guys 6 months tops.
    Asked for comment on Goldberg’s layoffs explanation and what it left out, a Fab spokesperson said in an email to AllThingsD: “We acknowledge that flash sales is a flawed business model.”

  2. GGG

    I’ve always thought it was hilarious how much shit Guitar Center gets from the consumer side (I understand working there might warrant the hate) compared to mom and pops. So many tiny stores rip you off more than Guitar Center ever could.

    • Bandit

      It is unfortunate, but yes, “mom and pop” music shops will rip you off. And don’t give me any of that “Personal, knowledgable staff” at mom and pop shops B.S. They are a-holes there too. Makes you wonder if there is some secret handshake to get a real price.
      Say, I need some generic guitar strings,(I’m not picky), look on-line $5 for strings. Go to Guitar Center $7.50. Go to local shop, if it’s open, charges $9.95 plus tax. Same price comparison goes for all products.
      As for the Resy idea, there are plenty of boutique music instrument builders on-line that you can contact directly and most are glad to answer email questions about their product.
      Most musicians who really do care go directly to these sites already. No need for RESY ….sorry folks.