Indiegogo Campaigns Can Now Track Your Every Move

Indiegogo, a crowd-funding platform used worldwide, has released some new features to help give their users more campaign tracking abilities.

Some of the improvements are new analytics tools designed to bolster the success of Indiegogo campaigns. Users can now track which sites are driving both traffic and funding, and information about individual visitors will be available— including location and referrals. Perks will be tracked, giving the ability to monitor which perks are the most successful. This data will give campaigns a borderline creepy amount of insight.



The level of data will undoubtedly help campaign owners immensely, allowing use of strategy to boost funding. In exchange, campaign donators will have their every move tracked when making their donation.  Campaign owners can now integrate Google Analytics into campaigns.

Indiegogo also released statistics that are only interesting to people thinking of running a crowd-funding campaign.


One Response

  1. jw

    How is this “borderline creepy?” Just because it says user names rather than ip addresses?
    Hardly constitutes tracking “your every move.” Doesn’t seem like any info any site admin wouldn’t have.