Readers of Digital Music News! We’ve Listened Carefully to Your Concerns…

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Dear Loyal Readers of Digital Music News…


You told us our site was getting slow during peak times.

We’ve now made it faster.


You asked us for more breaking articles.

We now have more breaking articles than ever, and we’ve put them in a special section for easier review.  Both Priscilla Kim and Nina Ulloa will be focusing on stories as they develop.


You hated when comments in large discussion threads became illegible because they were getting squeezed into the right side margin of the page.

Comments will no longer become illegible and/or squeezed into the right margin of the page.


You hated that bug the cut n’ pasted the entire article a second time in the comments section (instead of your comment).

The bug that posted the entire article a second time in the comment stream has been eliminated.


You wanted the date to appear next to stories in the results queue.

The date now appears next to stories in search results (and, we’ll loading in lots more archives over the coming months).


You wanted to log in and comment using your Facebook account.

You can now log in and comment using your Facebook account.


You wanted to log in and comment using your Twitter account.

You can now log in and comment using your Twitter account.


You wanted to log in and comment using your Gmail and Google+ accounts.

You can now log in and comment using your Gmail and Google+ accounts.


You wanted the Daily Snapshot to be delivered earlier in the morning, especially on the East Coast.

The Daily Snapshot is now delivered much earlier in the morning, typically before 8:30 am EST (and maybe earlier in the future).


You wanted more guest posts.

We’re just getting started.  So submit more ideas to (I will, eventually, get back to you I promise).


Some of you told DMN to go f*&k itself.

As always, we appreciate all feedback and suggestions, good or bad.

Thanks for your patience as we work out the bugs and cosmetic fixes on our latest release! 

Paul and the entire DMN Team (Rochell, Steve, Priscilla, and Nina).

13 Responses

  1. jw

    A lot of these changes are great. And they’re a very long time coming.

    One change that’s not great is the alternating article style. Lighter link color on the gray is a UI no no, & makes those really hard to read. If the background is going to be darker, the text link should also be darker in order to maintain contrast. My eye skips straight to the next high contrast, darker link/white background article.

    Also why no comment tally on the breaking news?

    And there’s got to be a better solution for the comment bugs than just a plain text box. Websites all across the internet have rich text comments without any of the problems DMN had. The HTML support doesn’t seem totally thought through… who would use code tags in DMN comments? And half of them are redundant… b/strong, i/em, del/strike, abbr/acronym… seems like it could be boiled down to a, blockquote, strike, em, and strong. Plain text is arduous enough as it is, no need to make it any more confusing than it has to be.

    One big win is that the plain text comment box now supports browser spell check.

    And here’s hoping “more breaking news” doesn’t translate to “more coverage of bloggers calling Lorde racist.”

  2. Brian Buchanan

    Glad to hear most of these changes. Some have been a long time coming for sure

  3. discography

    Apparently you couldn’t of been listening too much since Priscilla is still writing for the site.

    If you were listening you’d focus on more productive articles instead of axe grindings and ludicrous trips down psuedo-feminist lane and concern trolling.

    While the tech problems were annoying they were all tolerable before the quality of content on this site rather quickly started going to shit.

      • discography

        How long do I have to train to be as edgy and lonely as you?

  4. hippydog

    how about you get rid of the ability to say your a VISITOR?

  5. Still waiting

    You haven’t listened as you still haven’t issued an apology for DMN’s response to Lauren Mayberry’s essay.

    • jw

      Yeah, you’re gonna wanna use comment_date rather than the_date.

  6. Anonymous

    Well Paul, it was tough enough to make the comment section work like expected before (i.e. like an ordinary forum where you can reply with quotes), but this didn’t make it easier.

    And while it’s a good idea to separate the stories on your front page visually, it’s also a good idea to keep all links in the same color. Your color scheme suggests that half the links have been clicked…