Squarespace Finally Decides They Care About Musicians…


Squarespace is one of the most visually stunning publishing platforms available. Now, they’ve finally decided that musicians deserve awesome looking websites, too.

Last week, Squarespace made an announcement that flew under the radar: they have added musicians to their target market.  The platform now allows songs to be directly uploaded to their servers. With that comes an integrated audio player , track details, and album art display. This is built to integrate with existing features, including commerce, event listings, mailing lists, and social media integration. Chance the Rapper and The Lone Bellow have already taken advantage of the features.

This was a long time coming, as Squarespace has shown their love of music by sponsoring events, often with online music publication The Wild Honey Pie.

Surprisingly, Squarespace hasn’t fully fleshed out their CMS features for bloggers. Their service is almost perfect for music blogs, but needs better publishing features. Ghost went public yesterday, which might fill the void.

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  1. JTVDigital

    Yes, Squarespace is great for musicians website, and the result can be looking awesome.
    Check this one recently created for Wiyaala for example: http://wiyaala.com/