“Chinese Food”: A Semi-Racist Video from the Creators of “Friday”

What most  people don’t realize is that the brains behind Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is cranking these cut-rate videos out.  And, waiting for the next one to pop.

Here’s the latest concoction from Ark Music Factory, “Chinese Food”…

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  1. GGG

    Trying too hard. Not funny. Not even bad funny. Dude’s existence is an insult to music.

    • Vail, CO

      DMN has such a snooty audience. There’s no difference between this and a catchy song from some artist the world has decided is “legit” – same tools of hook chorus hook chorus apply

      • GGG

        Sorry, if you think this, a blatant attempt to recapture the same “look how ridiculous this is” success of ‘Friday’ (which, I’m still 100% confident was not bad on purpose, the guy just tried to play it off as such in later interviews) by again taking advantage of dumb parents’ and their kid’s delusions of stardom, is the same as Stevie Wonder writing ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours’ please never speak to me again.

        • Paul Resnikoff

          Now this is a really interesting topic. I’d argue that these are distant cousins… distant, yes, perhaps they don’t even speak the same language or live in the same country. But there’s a tie that binds, somewhere. An alien from outer space would recognize similar triggers in the song construction, certainly there are elements and building blocks of Western music that are basically the same.

          One is high fructose corn syrup, the other respected catalog and music history… but, in-between there’s a gray area. Steve Wonder is a musical ‘wonder’ and phenomenon, I’ll agree, but he’s done his fair share of dipping into the cheese as well. He even recognizes it as such, as least according to one interview I was told about…

          Then there’s the categorizations we layer upon everything. We mythologize our music heroes, they can never be simply ‘pop’ or using common song construction techniques. They are layers above this, invoking some muse we do not have access to, a higher being ordinary songwriters cannot communicate with. I think we romanticize too much, and letting someone like Patrice Wilson share the same air is blasphemy to us, it corrupts and threatens our mythologized world view too much.

          Pardon any typos.

          • GGG

            I mean, sure, all western music is related, however distantly, so I can’t disagree with that in the macro sense. But my dislike of the song isn’t that I think it’s cheese, it’s that it’s an attempt to be so-bad-it’s-funny, but it just tries too hard. If you want to give merit to attempting to have a career based on people laughing AT you, as opposed to with you a la Lonely Island or Weird Al, you certainly can. I won’t say it’s worthless if people are taking joy from it, but I’ll think it’s dumb until the day I die. I think it’s also the idea that the parents/kids might not be in on the joke. This girl probably was based on how ridiculous this song/video are, but other people might not want to go that route and he takes advantage of clueless parents and naive kids. He’s potentially a scam artist.

            But yes, over his 4 billion albums, Stevie has written tons of mediocre/bad material. But I don’t think letting Patrice share the same air is blasphemy because I mythologize Stevie, I think it’s blasphemy because Stevie has written countless incredible songs, while all Patrice Wilson has to show are horrible songs and borderline pedophillic music videos.

          • Radio and Records Vet

            It lacks the sense of serendipity – the accidental “omg that’s so freakin funny/cool/hip/whatever” – that makes those types of songs popular in the first place.

            I agree, this one tried to hard to manufacture the “accident.” That said, it is possible that this guy launches more than another one or two along the way… he’s got something going for him, like it or not.

          • jw

            Have you never sat down & watched the Disney channel? Everything tries too hard, that’s the m.o.

          • GGG

            Right, I’m sure he will. But yea, as you said, “Friday” just seems like it was genuine, because I think it was. He may be conscious enough to know it wasn’t great, but I don’t think he thought it was BAD. And once you get self-awareness, it tends to ruin your unintentional schtick, as this video shows.

      • Chris

        Right. He’s emulating the same formulaic pop music radio and trolling everybody with it.

  2. andre

    somewhere in China a douchebag music producer is coaxing a 13 year-old girl to sing about cheeseburgers

  3. Yves Villeneuve

    I like it. Nothing racist about it. Very good children’s song. Be realistic, consider who is the target market.

  4. asiand00d

    As an asian man, I didn’t really find this racist. It’s just bad.

  5. Someone else

    I’m sorry but I refuse to think that there are children this ignorant!!!

  6. Charlotte Church

    Perfect example of the sexist racism I’ve been speaking out against. Here you can see the male producers of this sexist male-dominated video make the meekly submissive teenager (that was ME) dancing next to Geishas with the male Panda dominating the game once again.

  7. Anonymous

    ahhh… um.. Geishas are part of Japanese culture… not Chinese.

    Let’s get it right. Lmao

    I have the same problem with remake of the “Karate Kid”. Jackie Chan is a “kung-fu” (Chinese) martial artist teaching “kung-fu”.. not Karate (Japanese).

  8. jw

    You don’t see Roger Ebert reviewing each episode of Barney. And yet the music press can’t leave this guy alone. It’s a sad commentary on what we’ve done with the internet that adults need to have an opinion on this stuff.

    When is DMN going to stop covering “racist” non-stories?

    • Danwriter

      You don’t see Roger Ebert reviewing much of anything anymore. He finally took the term “deadline” seriously. (Badda-BOOM!) But regarding Ark Music, these guys are kings of what’s known in the business as a vanity production. They seem to be mining the princess vein, but historically it’s been equally valid for the trophy wife who fancies herself a singer. Generally, they tend to be good money, in cash, and with low client expectations.

      • jw

        It’s too easy to write this off as a vanity project. But if you look at the upvotes/downvotes, ~20% are actual fans. From that we can roughly extrapolate almost 1.5m legitimate views in 3 days. Snarky, hyper-opinionated adults want to make this all about themselves & their own expectations for art, but there’s a market for this stuff & the guy is making money.

        Of course it’s terrible & of course it’s ignorant because it’s made for children. I think this is different than, say, that video John Travolta & Olivia Newton John put out a while back.

  9. DJ 5-Foot Morty

    They should have saved the $85 they spent on CGI and invested it in a better panda suit.

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