Statista Says Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Twitter. Here’s Why They’re Wrong…

Today’s Statista Chart of the Day declares that “Pinterest Drives More Traffic to Publishers Than Twitter”.  Which seems like a highly suspicious statement, considering Twitter has 232 million active users and in June of 2013 Pinterest only had 20 million active users.

Also, how many publishers are even using Pinterest?

Well, Statista used stats from Shareaholic, a sharing and content discovery tool used by 200,000 publishers. In contrast, AddThis is used by 14 million domains including MSNBC, PBS, and Nintendo.  AddThis claims to be the “largest sharing and social data platform”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, AddThis stats show Pinterest sharing is 10% below Twitter’s.  Mystery solved.

2 Responses

  1. Makell Bird

    I’ve heard something like this before and I think it’s hype from Pinterest and it’s users. The reality is that most Pinterest users are female and all they want to see is pictures of flowers, dresses, and shoes…