Gives Small Arts Organizations a Tech Boost

Now, a solution to an overlooked problem: digital tools for independent arts organizations.

Today, non-profit arts service Fractured Atlas has announced their new web-based software system, The platform is available to small- and medium-sized arts organizations for free, providing them with tech to help with organizing and marketing. boasts an easy-to-use ticket selling platform, a database for customer information, and fundraising tools.

Fractured Atlas’ goal is to “give independent artists and small- and mid-size arts organizations the same technology and marketing power as major cultural institutions”.

The system was developed over three years alongside hundred of arts groups across the country, including arts festivals, theaters, and performance art groups. Funding came from various grants, while Fractured Atlas provided the seed capital. Additional funding will come from a $2 fee charged to customers during each ticket transaction.

Tickets can be sold through’s embeddable online storefront, while in-person cash sales can be entered in manually. This interface also accepts fan donations and organizes customer information, which can be synced with MailChimp.

Upcoming features for ticket sales include the ability to sell physical tickets through a third party, assigned seating, and memberships.  The ability to “track relationships between contacts” is also on its way.

These all seem like straightforward, useful, and simple tools that could greatly benefit a small or struggling arts organization. Hopefully the model will prove sustainable.