Goldstar’s Aggressive Ticketing Strategy Now Includes iOS7…

Deal sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial are doing well these days, and ticket-focused Goldstar is no different. Today, Goldstar announced the release of an iOS7 app.

Goldstar is a half-price ticket seller, and differentiates itself from other deal sites by partnering closely with over 5,000 venues in major cities.  Part of their strategy is convincing venues that they are a marketing tool, not just a way to move extra tickets.

The strategy seems to be working: Goldstar currently boasts four million users and has become a $100 million operation without outside help.

Still, this is the company’s second attempt at an app, and CEO and cofounder Jim McCarthy says Goldstar has learned from the mistakes of their first.  The previous app had limited functionality, but this one will contain every feature available on their website.  It is well designed, and McCarthy said they put a lot of effort into making it fast and efficient.

All of which makes sense given that nearly half of Goldstar’s audience accesses the service via mobile device.  Accordingly, Goldstar expects the app to lift their mobile traffic to over 50%.