Oh, You Have Sheet Music on Your iPad 3? Tell Me All About That…

In the midst of the daily industry chaos comes the innocent sounding Sheet Music Direct app for iPad.

Sheet Music Direct is releasing a new version of their app, allowing users to purchase sheet music and guitar tabs from “one of the world’s biggest distributors of digital sheet music“.

Who would want sheet music? The format has popularity among more than just classical pianists. Tegan and Sara have sheet music available in their online store, and Beck’s Song Reader has proven to be popular among many musicians who put together shows to perform it.

Sheet Music Direct features a variety of titles, from Katy Perry to Bob Marley, and allows users to categorize by tags. Purchased titles will also be available at the Sheet Music Direct website via cloud sync. Performance mode has transposition, metronome, and tempo features.

Talent not included, that’s up to you.


Image by Pinc Floit, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)


6 Responses

  1. jw

    Has Beck’s Song Reader really proven to be “very popular?”

    I went to songreader.net & had a hard time finding content that was actually interpretation of Beck’s songs. The most recent video was an acoustic Thrice cover, the most bizarre videos were some sort of Ukrainian finance news videos. Even sorting by popularity, the most popular track only had 28 likes. And the second most popular dropped down to 19 (to be fair, that video has 9,000 views & 100 likes on youtube, but that still HARDLY qualifies as “very popular”). And on Amazon Song Read is #59,837 in the books category.

    Can you qualify that statement? It seems to suggest a demand for this service that doesn’t appear to actually exist. Are you just basing this on media coverage of the release?

    Granted, the popularity might be different if Beck had actually released recordings of the music as a companion, but if Beck can’t sell sheet music with an actual campaign around the release, how should the average songwriter/artist expect to? Just because Tegan & Sara have it for sale in their store doesn’t necessarily mean it’s selling.

  2. Farley

    Beck’s in particular may not be a big seller, but many musicians, particularly jazz musicians, can be seen on gigs using iPads or Android tablets for lead sheets. There are lots of apps that enable that use. See http://appadvice.com/appguides/show/Sheet-Music-Readers-For-iPad. Fake books are available electronically, or can be scanned into PDFs for use on computer tablets. Better than lugging 5 pounds of paper.

  3. River Waters

    “Who would want sheet music?” Are you kidding me? Musicians — I don’t mean the hobbyists who play 3 chords and call it music — notate, read and use charts ALL THE TIME. I am simply dumbfounded that you would ask this question.

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  5. Martin Forman

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