YouTube Channels Can Now Directly Charge Subscription Fees…

Some YouTube channels have had the pleasure of being acquired by major entertainment companies, but now all channels have a chance to directly monetize their content through subscriptions… if they have 10,000 subscribers.

Today, YouTube announced they are expanding paid channels beyond their pilot program, which included channels such as Sesame Street and UFC.

To qualify, a channel must have 10,000 subscribers, be in good standing (no copyright violations), and be located in one of eleven designated countries. A monthly subscription fee will be charged to access content, starting at $0.99 a month. These channels will include mandatory 14 day trial periods.

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  1. Anonymous

    “but now all channels have a chance to monetize their content… if they have 10,000 subscribers”

    If you knew the first thing about the music industry, you’d be aware that content monetization not only has been available on YouTube for years, it’s also one of the major sources of income for musicians today.

    Just sign up for ContentID — it’s fast, easy, free, available to everyone who needs it (no matter where you live), and no specific number of subscribers are required.

    Subscription fees = something completely different.