The Chinese Government Steps In to Protect the Public… from Reality TV

Getting your reality TV show fix in China just got a little harder.

Xinhua News Agency is reporting that China’s State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has issued regulations regarding American style reality TV shows, including Chinese versions of ‘The Voice’ and ‘American Idol’.  The state will now be limiting TV stations to one reality program during prime time per quarter on satellite stations.

These stations will also be required to devote 30% of programming time to “news, economics, culture, and science” starting next year.  The official reason for these new requirements is, according to the Associated Press…

“the need to stop vulgar content and promote more efficient use of resources…”

But before you congratulate China’s government for protecting its citizens from the horrors of reality TV, there may be an ulterior motive to consider: it’s suspected that China is using the measure to draw people back to their own CCTV.

After all, China can’t control the media if no one is watching.

Image by flickr.Marcus, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

One Response

  1. Farley

    It’s good for us that we have freedom of expression and bad for the Chinese that China doesn’t.

    What we do have is government subsidies for over-the-air tv and radio in the form of cheap spectrum, and we have PBS — public broadcasting. So as taxpayers we get some pretty good broadcasting in return for our contribution, but we are subsidizing some absolute crap.