ReverbNation Has 100,000 Musicians Donating to Charity…

ReverbNation’s Music For Good program has enrolled 100,000 artists.

Music For Good is a program run by ReverbNation, with a simple proposition: artists can opt in and donate some of their earnings to charity. Artists simply pick a song, and half of their sales for that track will go to the charity of their choice.

The site says that for a $1.29 sale, $0.56 goes to the artist, $.0.56 goes to the charity, and $0.17 goes to ReverbNation as a processing fee (ReverbNation further clarified that 12 cents of that goes to PayPal and credit card companies for payment processing, with a nickel going back to ReverbNation to cover administration costs).

Music For Good was started 10 months ago and now has 100,000 artists signed up.

There are 13 participating charities, including Beat Making Lab, charity: water, and Oxfam America.  The program helps generate awareness for these charities and directly raises the size of their audience.

The CEO and founder of charity: water, Scott Harrison, says the program has allowed them “to tap into a unique, new demographic” they had “not previously been able to reach”. ReverbNation’s president and cofounder, Jed Carlson, says Music For Good “reinforced the premise that independent musicians have influence that can lead to real impact.”

No word on exactly how much money has been raised.

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  1. Jed Carlson

    Thanks for covering this remarkable program, Nina! We are humbled to see so much participation from primarily independent artists.

    I have one minor correction to the story. ReverbNation keeps only $0.05 of every sale to cover the costs to admin the program. While $0.12 from each transaction goes to the processing companies (credit cards, paypal, etc). It is our goal with the program to pass along as much value to the non-profits as possible.

    Jed Carlson
    Co-Founder, President

    • Question

      I see you have 13 deserving charities listed and with 100k artists on board that’s a great start. I also noticed in the FAQ that suggestions can be made somewhere within the account screens. Knowing that some indie artists may only be working within a local or regional level are you open to smaller charitable organizations with which they may have stronger affinity?

      • Shelly Weitz

        Hi Question —

        I’m the Director of Marketing at ReverbNation and oversee our charity relationships. Although we’ve completed our charity enrollment plan for 2013, we’ll be taking a look at all suggestions later in the year as we plan for 2014. If you have a non-profit you’d like to suggest, please send an email to and be as specific as possible. Thanks so much for your interest. #100kHearts

  2. Really

    Why should artists that make no money give half away?
    This is about reverbnation using artist to get promo.

    Once again music is no longer a product, but a service to promote others.

    Have you really done the numbers on world vision to see how the money is allocated?

    • Shelly Weitz

      Really, thanks for your comment as it gives me a chance to clarify a few things.

      The Music For Good program is completely voluntary for ReverbNation artists. If an artist feels a connection with one of the participating non-profits they can join, incorporate that connection into their own brand, promote to their fans, sell music and split the proceeds. If they’d prefer to sell their music through retail distribution channels and keep all the revenue, they can do that. In fact, they can do both if they prefer.

      We created the program as an extension of something many artists already do — give to those in need. Some do it by passing the hat, others by having free concerts where the price of admission is a food donation for a local cause. Music For Good is a simple way to build doing good into an artist’s brand and have it working 365 days a year.

  3. Rob Tweed

    Hello Shelly, I am a new member at ReverbNation and regarding the Music For Good Program, I am receiving notifications on my site that I “NEED” to set up Music For Good to continue, can you please clarify this issue and I have listed my single songs at $1.00 USD, so does this mean I am set to earn 27 cents per sale after setting up “Music For Good? thanks Rob Tweed.

  4. Liz Dupuy

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