The RIAA Sends the U.S. Trade Representative a List of ‘Illegal’ Businesses to Investigate…

The RIAA has sent the U.S. Trade Representative a list of sites they have decided are illegal.

The RIAA says the U.S. Trade Representative’s notorious market initiative is “designed to expose businesses who operate illegally.  They have submitted recommendations of sites for the program to look into, saying they “unfairly deny creators the opportunity to generate revenue” from commercial use.

Included in the RIAA’s list are file sharing sites like Pirate Bay and FilesTube.  The RIAA says these sites “actively champion their supposed subversiveness by proclaiming to be advocates for freedom of expression“.

The list also includes the Russian version of Facebook, vKontakte.  The RIAA says vKontakte’s crime is being so popular that it “almost single-handedly prevent(s) the development of a legitimate online music marketplace“.

The RIAA’s tagline is “Representing Music“, a very broad and all-encompassing statement. However their self-description says:

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is the trade organization that supports and promotes the creative and financial vitality of the major music companies.

Unsurprisingly, most of the RIAA’s board members are from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.

Where’s the list that has the interests of artists and songwriters in mind?

Image by chazlarson, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

9 Responses

  1. rikki

    HAHAHAHAHA for 15 years they have never ever gone after Black people……..

    They still sell hard drives full of mp3 and movies on ebay………let alone on CL……….

    rap hip hop underground mashups mixtapes are the key words……

  2. Yves Villeneuve

    As an independent recording artist/songwriter, I’ll back up the RIIA on this.

  3. visitor

    meh… so an industry trade organization is protecting the interests of it’s industry… so what?

    At least they are transparent about it. What about Google and ed black funding tech dirt via the CCIA? If you are going to take shots at “IA” organizations (MPAA, RIAA), look at all of them, like the CCIA…

    Google and Silicon Valley have more astro turf pretending to be public interest than probably any other interests in history (except maybe big oil and previously big tobacco).

    • TuneHunter

      Be careful – you see seven cruisers around your house! We are drifting to E. Germany.

  4. tuneHunter

    RIAA should urgently, here in the US, get busy with Shazam, Soundhound, Gracenote and lyrics ID guys including Google lyrics. All of the are cancer of the industry keeping all the merchandise in the open.

    We have two choices –
    a/ use current lobbing efforts and stretch “fair use doctrine”
    b/ Give them exactly same % as CD retailer was getting and convert them to music stores.

    If RIAA will succeed ( via action a or b) radio in tandem with those ID guys will become the biggest music retail operation ever existed.

    RIAA please do not extort money from radio. (Go to point “a” above – more cash in the long run!)
    In logical times radio will be paid by artist or labels for airplay to allow Shazam and likes to grab the cash.

    • TuneHunter

      ….“almost single-handedly prevent(s) the development of a legitimate online music marketplace“.

      Please provide the name of the author of this quote.

      I will invest in hard copy and Fedex to tell him/her who is preventing fair monetization!

      Time to wake up! The best tools to monetize music are around us – for the moment they are misused, glorified for no particular reason and serving the freeloading public.

    • Stealth Suit

      I agree that the RIAA will do everything in their power to assist that the legal commercialism of digital music grows, but piracy / illegal downloading wont stop in my opinion. Globally the downloading of music is viewed differently b/c of countries w/ varying laws and cultural differences. Yes, it’s important to regulate the online retailers, I believe it takes a consortium of entertainment and music professionals such as music fans, artists, musicians, promoters, managers, deejays, music executive and all other music professionals from various associations and organizations. Sharing in the responsibility is must in order to create commercial and economic forum. This platform could be used to discuss the creation of solutions and a solid governing structure that is shared on global scale. However still, I don’t believe it would stop the illegal downloading / sharing of viral music b/c of the evolution of internet technology.