Michael Bublé Collaborates With…. Delta?

United is having legal troubles with the majors, but Delta still has money to burn.  Indeed, companies partnering with musicians is all the rage right now (Shakira+T-Mobile, Alicia Keys+Blackberry, Jay-Z+Barney’s), and Delta has decided to join in.

Billboard reports that the airline chose Michael Bublé to help them announce a multimillion dollar investment in Seattle. The city will now be the site of Delta’s nonstop flights to Asia and other locations.

Bublé is touring in Seattle next month, and is doing a promotional event for Delta.  Before his concert, 100 Delta customers will be invited to a VIP reception.  There will also be a “Delta Zone” of seating at the concert.

Jarad Fisher, director of Delta’s Skymiles Program, thinks the Bublé indicates that Delta is “a sophisticated airline that can still be fun”.

Beyond the VIP event, Bublé will put together playlists for Delta to air in-flight, and concert footage will be shown on planes.  Fisher said the airline wants to “become a part of our customers’ everyday lives when they’re not flying with us”, and also wants to reel in customers who fly to go see concerts.


Image by Dean Freeman, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

2 Responses

  1. Rick

    Delta is asking for TO much personal information to take a chance on this.

  2. Anne

    I fully agree with this guy. If my friends gave out information like they are asking for I’d be pretty upset!!