isoHunt Is Back From the Dead…

Remember how isoHunt was forced to close down and hand over $110 million to the MPAA?  Well, isoHunt is back…

Because shutting something down is one thing; keeping it down is another.    Initially, a group called ArchiveTeam had intended to back up the entire isoHunt site. When founder Gary Fung heard about this initiative, he shut the site down earlier than the scheduled October 23rd date, thwarting their efforts.

However, all is not lost for isoHunt fans… another team had been working out of the public eye (and Fung’s), recreating almost the entire site.  This team is still working on the copy, but the new address,, is live and looks almost identical to the original.  Forums and user profiles are the only features not active.

The team behind this told TorrentFreak their goal is to preserve a “great part of the torrent world”, saying:

“Media corporations don’t like innovative or competition and isoHunt’s fate is one of the examples of how they deal with it… IsoHunt can definitely be called a file-sharing icon. People got used to it and they don’t want to simply let it go. We want those people to feel like being at home while visiting”

 More as it develops.

10 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Hm Nina, you forgot to copy at least two TorrentFreak stories yesterday. 🙁

  2. Anonymous

    Not surprising. Seems like someone forgot to tell the MPAA that a website is simply data. It can be copied and reproduced ad infinitum, just like… the movies themselves.

  3. Visitor

    How much time and money did the MPAA spend on this?

    What a debacle!

  4. Olsen Koch

    It is obvious that torrents are no good for anybody.
    That is why filmbay is there for indie content distribution and it is
    100% legal and user-friendly as well.