Soundcloud Asks, “Are Instagrams the Next Iconic Album Covers?”

Bandcamp is releasing an app while competitor Soundcloud connects to other apps…

Soundcloud has added Instagram integration.

Users can now connect to Instagram from their Soundcloud account, allowing Instagram photos to be imported. These photos can be used as album art or avatars on tracks, sets, groups, and profiles. This can be done during upload or at a later date.

Soundcloud asks:

“Your Instagrams: the next generation of iconic album covers?”

Background images for individual tracks exist, but are not yet publicly available. The same goes for profile cover photos.

Thankfully this doesn’t go the other way; you won’t be seeing Soundcloud tracks on your Instagram feed. Imagine what a nightmare that would be…

2 Responses

  1. MileHI Music

    Any artists plan on utilizing this feature? or is it as dud as it sounds?