A New and Exciting EPK Management System…

This service may make things a little easier for PR companies, managers, labels, etc…

Presskit.to is a service that has been offering musicians an easy way to put together electronic press kits (EPKs). Yesterday they launched their new flagship product, Presskit.to for Business.

The new service targets small businesses or teams of people who represent artists, allowing digital asset management for multiple accounts in one place.

This is set up under a corporate account, and individual team members can receive different levels of access. Outside affiliates can be looped in through their own login. This will ensure that everyone is up to date and can see and use the correct materials.

Presskit.to hopes this will replace disorganized email, Dropbox, and Facebook asset management that many small companies use. Everyone who has access can collaborate on a project, and administrators can review and approve items. The EPKs can be given  corporate branding if desired.

In their blog Presskit.io said:

“EPKs disrupted the process of artist promotion, and… created the need to bring order to the decentralized environment that resulted. We feel we created the best, most sophisticated cross-platform EPK platform available…”

The website is currently being updated, so pricing and plans are not available.