Lyor Cohen Reveals 300 Details…

Lyor Cohen has named his new content company… 300.

It was revealed last week that Cohen, Warner Music Group’s former CEO, is talking to Google and others about funding his new venture… a self-described “content company”. He’s working on this with two other Warner veterans, Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles.

In an interview with Billboard, Cohen revealed the new name.  Yes, he’s naming it 300 after the infamous Greek fight of 480 BC.  Cohen plans to model the company after the fight, by doing more with less.  He will do this through synchronization, strategy, loyalty, and preparedness.

Cohen is building his business model around the changing digital industry, an idea that seems to fly over the heads of major labels.  The question is whether one of the major’s biggest and most tenured executives can accomplish this.

Let’s see: to prepare for the task, Cohen has spent time studying digital companies, though he’s also returning to his old stodgy stomping grounds.  Already, 300 is entering a deal with Atlantic, which is owned by Warner Music Group.  Which of course begs the question of whether this battle is ultimately being fought with ancient weaponry.


Image by Quang Minh (YILKA), licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).