The Return of HMV’s App Is a Win For Apple

Last week, we wondered if HMV‘s app would “return as a glorified Shazam”.  The answer appears to be yes.

Apple initially removed HMV’s music discovery app for directly selling downloadable MP3s.  The direct sale structure violated a clause in the App Store guidelines. HMV wasn’t happy, but had to give in.

The app has gone live again, though users can no longer purchase their MP3s inside the app.  Instead, they’ll have to go to a mobile website.

HMV’s owners say it is “a very simple and straightforward process through Safari,” referring to the mobile version of HMV’s digital music store.  Any tracks purchased on iOS will go to their own special folder.

Current features of the reincarnated app include artwork and song recognition, as well as 30 second previews of tracks from albums sold at HMV.  Which sounds pretty pointless unless you frequent HMV…