Rhapsody… Yet Another App With Radio Stations

Because we just don’t have enough apps with radio stations…

The Echo Nest has just announced that they are powering radio stations for Rhapsody subscribers.

The service is now available in the United States, Europe, and Latin America on Android, iOS, and the web.  In the US, consumers will see Rhapsody; in Europe and Latin America, the fabled Napster moniker.  Per the usual, radio stations can be based off artists or anything in Rhapsody’s 20 million song catalog. Rhapsody will also curate stations.

There are no ads, unlimited skipping, rewind, and like Pandora… thumbs up and thumbs down.  All expected features, though this isn’t an ad-free prayer: Rhapsody’s users, as always, will be paying a $9.99 monthly fee.

Also just released: Rhapsody’s updated iOS 7 app…

Slow clap.

4 Responses

  1. TuneHunter

    This is briliant service from EchoNest but must go few steps in to the future.
    Step1. Remove subscription and advertising from Rapsody. Make it free end convert to discovery monetization.
    Step2. Limit artist info on Rapsody display
    Step3 Provide add to my play list button – just 39 cents if you want to enjoy it again at any time you wish.

    For this fair solution to work same has to happen at iTunes Radio, Spotify or Pandora otherwise Rapsody will vanish.
    RIAA and labels have to stop blind streaming and advertising supported trip in to swamp!
    There is fertile ground next door able to deliver 100 billion dollar industry before 2020.
    Lets do it!
    Discovery services like Shazam or Echo Nest are misused and starving – at the same time they have over billion freeloading active users.

    • Oz

      Why do you believe that Shazam or Echo nest are starving…???? on the contrary they are thriving!!!

      • TuneHunter

        Last year Shazam made approx $31 million and lost $5million – they never made a single dollar of profit!
        Just consuming investors cash and operating industrial kindergarten.
        9 out of 10 IDs they provide is a free service to pirate.