The Agency Group + Bandsintown: It’s Even Bigger Than Google…

Bandsintown and The Agency Group (TAG) have just announced a partnership.  And it works something like this.

TAG is a booking agency with a roster of 2,000 artists, including Tegan and and Sara, Guns N’ Roses, and Wiz Khalifa. Their artists will be added to Bandsintown’s listings, and TAG will use the service as a promotional tool as well as for geo-targeting tour dates and marketing artists.  Bandsintown will be used not only to boost ticket sales, it will also be used to sell merchandise and “special opportunities”.

Bandsintown claims to be the largest concert discovery app in the world. They list 180,000 artists, have 8 million registered users, and supposedly reach 30 million people per month.  

And the best part? Bandsintown is bigger than Google

“Bandsintown’s Artist Platform is the top source of traffic to its participating artists Facebook pages, driving more traffic than Google Search.”

One Response

  1. forcemm

    Paul with all due respect how many artists Facebook stats did you look at before mocking Bandsintown with this headline?

    Here are screenshots of all the artists I manage and the referral traffic to their facebook pages

    (My only band actively on tour so it’s the best example)

    Full disclosure I am involved with Bandsintown and I was shocked when I saw these stats too. Bandsintown is way more impactful than some realize. There is a reason every major label uses our platform and countless major and indie promoters now turn to us to promote their shows.