Audiam and SOCAN: United in Increasing YouTube Monetization…

Audiam has entered a deal with SOCAN, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

The deal will allow SOCAN’s 115,000 members to make more money from YouTube using Audiam.

Audiam says members will now be able to collect revenue from videos such as cover songs, lyric videos, fan videos of live performances, and more.  Which means Audiam will now be tasked (and trusted) with:

  • Identifying YouTube videos using members’ music.
  • Authorizing YouTube to place advertising on videos.
  • Collecting money and paying participating  members for plays.
  • Tracking and obtaining back revenues owed.
  • Arranging for a buy link to be posted below YouTube videos for proper upsell monetization.

YouTube and SOCAN already have a licensing deal in place, but this will help members monetize even further.  CEO of SOCAN, Eric Baptiste, says:

“With the SOCAN and Audiam cooperation, we make possible and practical the extraordinarily complicated process of identifying, tracking and collecting money that SOCAN members have rightfully earned, including for the first time revenues above and beyond the one generated by copyright licensing.”

Behind the scenes, Audiam cofounder Jeff Price has been a SOCAN consultant for several months.  That relationship started shortly after Price’s ouster from (and subsequent war with) Tunecore.  Amidst that rubble, Price launched  Audiam, which already helps songwriters and publishers earn money from YouTube, including songs from artists such as Trent Reznor and Jason Mraz.


Image by jeff.smith, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

8 Responses

  1. hippydog


    SOCAN is huge, has offices and staff right across Canada..
    yet they get Audiam to do this for them?

    I’m not bashing Audiam, I just blows my mind that SOCAN is not able to do this themselves..
    I cant even think of a good example right now.. its mind blowing..
    Another example of how weird and fracked up the music industry is..

    I guess Audiam fees were cheaper than them trying to figure out this internet thingy on their own? LOL

    • Johnny Kareem Gagnon

      I agree hippydog,take this an indication that SOCAN is well aligned with the industry’s corporate mafias and not the small guy struggling to survive,this is the second time follows the lead with the same wall street street people involved in the art of stocks and bonds that use ……. something called …… m u s i c …. to derive megaloads of cash for this gambling stock market ‘sort of business”(?) …… SOCAN helps to make this credible , and the music comes somewhere behind in the second and last position.

  2. ja

    i have music registered with audiam. they have not recognized my music in most youtube videos, therefore missing hundreds of thousands of plays for HALF A YEAR now, despite my emailing them and telling them about the specific videos. my friends have music registered with ingrooves and within a month they practically crawled all of youtube. audiam is really a shit service, what’s the point if the videos you have aren’t being monetized??

    • Peter Wells, Audiam

      Ja, I’ll start with an apology. We’re sorry: no matter what happened, if you’re not happy with Audiam, it’s our fault.

      But please reach out to us with your account information at, because I strongly suspect everything that can be claimed has been for some time, even if it isn’t showing on your weekly Claims page (there are a lot of reasons why that Claims page might not show something, which is why we’re careful to say it’s unofficial).

      We’ll get to the bottom of any problem, that’s what we’re here for. Very sorry for any confusion.


  3. typo police

    just a head-up

    “YouTube and SOCAN already have a licensing deal in place, but this will *help help* members monetize even further. CEO of SOCAN, Eric Baptiste, says:”

  4. larrick

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  5. Brian McGrath

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