iLoud: “The First Wireless Portable Speaker for Musicians”

IK Multimedia has released their wireless portable speaker, iLoud.

IK Multimedia is the company behind iRig, AmpliTube, and other mobile audio products.

IK says the battery-operated speaker provides sound quality comparable to studio monitors. They’ve also paid attention to the low end of the spectrum: iLoud plays frequencies as low as 50hz.


iLoud is about the size of an iPad and is 2.3 inches thick.  It can last 10 hours on a single charge.  Both Bluetooth and standard aux cable playback are supported.

In addition, guitars and microphones can plug into the speaker directly, thanks to iRig technology. This allows guitars and iOS devices to connect simultaneously, providing access to audio effect apps.


The speaker is priced at $299.99.

5 Responses

  1. isowant1

    Very happy with where they took this. Love to go on the road with my this my laptop and perhaps and Ableton push as a promo gig. ?

  2. Ian Anthony - Tom Jones Tribute Act

    As a full time pro singer I’ve been looking forward to the day when we see an affordable full stage PA system of this device, which is ‘wireless’ and needs no leads out to speakers etc. This would save a huge amount of work and technical stuff when setting up for live gigs?

  3. mike chaney

    Another stupid “I” product made for $1 and sold for $300. Perfect for the person who has no clue about audio or Hi-Fi. Reminds me of this friend of mine who had me come over to check out his new “System” for music and video, since I am into Hi-Fi.

    He had an overpriced Bose system that sounded like a hyena being tortured with a stretch-0-matic. My ears were bleeding after one song off Dark Side of The Moon. Had he bought a simple NAD integrated amp and some Wharfdale speakers with an Oppo 105 Universal player for $400 less he would have had a far superior system.

    This is another crap system (iloud?? LOL) and the sole reason why most music being produced today is not meant to be listened to, only heard. They go hand in hand.

    For that cost just buy a Simple system as I outlined or even go with a Sonos system.

  4. Nick

    Iloud it’s the dumbest name ever. The design of the speaker looks just as lazy, it’s ugly, bulky, and does not look like 300 dollars. I saw a ‘vs’ video on YouTube by IKmultimedia (yeah, totally objective test, not), the Iloud vs ”Other speaker”, hmmm, okay, the Iloud went a few decibels higher than the other speaker, but by doing that it distorted, so what’s the point? Yes, you can go louder, but it sounds like shit, so it’s pointless, unless you prefer loudness over music quality.