MEGA, ‘The Privacy Company,’ Is Out of Beta…

Cloud storage service Mega is now out of beta.

Mega’s tagline is “The Privacy Company”, which makes sense since this is Kim Dotcom’s post-Megaupload effort. They boast an encrypted cloud storage service with secure access and collaboration. Storage is free up to 50 GB, and users can purchase up to 4 TB of storage.

Their move from beta came with some updates.

Mega has a new interface that uses local caching for faster load times. They’ve also added avatars and contact management features that organize files by who sent them.

The site already has an Android app, but they’ve submitted an iOS app for review. They also have encrypted chat, email, calling, and video conferencing coming early next year.

Which begs the question: who do you trust more with your data, Google or Kim Dotcom?

8 Responses

  1. Jughead

    There’s no difference between the two–both have no regard for intellectual property rights. At least Dotcom spares us the Do No Evil BS.

    Google is satan incarnate.

  2. FTW

    Im just going to recede into the amazon, it’s too late for anything good to come out of the world

  3. petewolfy

    When you upload to MEGA your data is encrypted from your computer with 2024 bit encryption – am so pleased to have this option – It appears the MEGA team offers serious protection of my data by storage out of reach of US govt snooping

    • lifer

      Maybe Kim DC is NSA double agent and Mega is a massive sting.

    • 108

      There is no such thing as 2024 bit encryption. It’s either 256, 512, 1024, or 2048 bit.

    • 108

      In the case of, file transfers are actually encrypted with AES 128 bit, which is well within the hacking realm of the most modern supercomputers. That being said, such “hackability” by the US Government is pretty much irrelevant within this context.

  4. Anonymous

    The question should be: who do you trust more with your data, the NSA or Kim Dotcom?

    At least Kim respects privacy