TWTR Goes Public, Stock Trading 73% Above IPO… [Updated]

[10:51 AM PST] TWTR went live on the New York Stock Exchange today. Their IPO price was set at $26, but they opened at $45.10.

That price values the company at around $31 billion… even though Twitter had never turned a profit.  One explanation is that growing revenue was used to expand; the other is that Twitter is just another profitless, post-peak internet stock.

Regardless, there’s fairly strong demand for TWTR.  The stock has already gone as high as $50.09, but is currently around $45.70. This is about 76 percent over the initial IPO strike price.

[12:20 PM] Facebook, LinkedIn, AOL, Google, and Pandora’s stocks have seen losses today.

[2:13 PM] Stock closes at $44.90, 73 percent above IPO price.

More as it becomes available…

One Response

  1. TuneHunter

    Printened cash desperate to find home!
    Considering that half of the 220 million users are dead it is $250 per human with Twitter powerd vibrator in their pocket.
    Well this is great news – Shazam with actual goodwill and 375 million users might start sale music and hit 75 billion IPO.