SONGS Music Publishing Signs $2.5 Million Deal With Lorde…

SONGS Music Publishing has signed Lorde for a worldwide co-publishing deal worth $2.5M.

SONGS is the self-described “world’s leading full service independent music publishing company “.

The deal includes Lorde’s EP The Love Club and debut album Pure Heroine. It also includes future recordings.

Pure Heroine entered the Billboard charts at number 3 and remains in the top 10. The album has gone four times platinum in Australia and three times platinum in New Zealand.

Ron Perry, SONGS President and Head of A&R, has high expectations for Lorde.   “She’s gonna be a really big songwriter outside of Lorde,” Perry said. “She will go down as one of the greatest lyricists of all time”.

Image by Hamley1980, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

11 Responses

  1. rikki


    2015 lordes WHO? oh yeah some chicky poo that had a few “hit” songs back then

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Statistically, you’re probably right. But Lorde does write really good songs, and I’m guessing she’s going to get a lot more support (from SONGS or other companies) than other talented writers and artists. Hey, lots of artists figure out how to self-destruct despite advantages, but give Lorde a chance.

    • BIGAL

      You are so wrong-get used to LORDE because she is just getting started….

  2. Jason Motz

    Much as I love Pure Heroine, and as high as my expectations for her are, I think the statement by Mr. Perry is a bit much. She may prove me wrong, of course, but it’s this very kind of overly hyperbolic statement that damages an artists sense of reality. I hope someone in the Lorde camp is employed to keep her grounded and level-headed.

    • GGG

      Yea, I hate that kinda shit. I like both her EP and LP and she is definitely talented, but let’s ease up before we start throwing that level of praise out there.

    • Anonymous

      “I think the statement by Mr. Perry is a bit much”

      And I think the future will show she got royally screwed.

  3. Danwriter

    We haven’t seen the contract. It almost certainly includes annual renewals at the discretion of the publisher. The total value of the deal, if every renewal is picked up, may $2.5 million, but it could also be less if it doesn’t run to full term. But this is a co-pub deal, which suggests she’s keeping a portion of the publisher’s share and remains entitled to her writer’s share. She’ll do fine.

  4. Knox

    Yeah she’ll be fine. But I think this hyperbolic over reaching is more what’s destroyed labels and pub companies’ ability to keep their heads above water and stay ahead of their own economics. If companies don’t stop pushing artists so hard with hype and then relying on them to unrealistically compensate they’ll remain behind the curve.

  5. Stephen- Craig Aristei

    I agree with “Danwriter”…Until we see the actual contract, what it includes and how it is stated….This is really nothing but a dangerously unfair, immature, irresponsible, and poorly chosen statement and press release. It is irresponsible because what an artist is paid for their creations is no ones business, let alone the public and the press…..unfair to the artist, because now the press will play it and the public will now always be in “judgement” of this artist’s work….”was it really worth 2.5 mil”….and she and her works will always be microscopically compared to everyone elses…..and because statements and press releases like this directly reflect upon the wisdom of the company’s upper management and bring to question their ability to intelligently and strategically invest the capital their investors have entrusted to them with in a responsible, wise and prudent manor….This kind of PR hurts talent, artist, companies and investors….How could the upper management ever think that announcing this was a “good idea”….! Of course most of these people have no idea of the “history” of the music business, let alone how to handle press, and promote and market talent…..! If they did, they would have seen what happened to Laura Nyro and other artists whom have been subject to having their business blasted to the public, by arrogant, insecure and stupidly egotistical managers, agents, lawyers, producers, (and yes) publishers, and record company executives…..! I think they owe Lordes an apology ! In the meantime, time will tell !