Study Says Copyright Industries Added $1 Trillion to the US Economy…

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Copyright industries contributed $1 trillion to the U.S. economy in 2012.

This information comes courtesy of a study by The International Intellectual Property Alliance.

The conclusion sounds very impressive because it includes all “industries whose primary purpose is to create, produce, distribute or exhibit copyright materials“. Included sectors are: computer software, books, video games, newspapers, periodicals, journals, motion pictures, music, radio, and TV broadcasting. These sectors employ 5.4 million workers.

So while the music industry may be struggling, it is part of a greater set of industries that employ about 4 percent of the entire US labor force, according to the report.  In turn, these jobs pay 33 percent more than the average annual wage.  Which was probably skewed by high-rolling executive salaries, but then again, the same could probably be said for almost any other industry.

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