Detroit’s Music Industry Valued at $1.15 Billion…

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Detroit may be going through bankruptcy, but their music industry seems to be doing pretty dang well.

Anderson Economic Group carried out a three month study for Crain’s Detroit Business titled Music Business in Detroit: Estimating the Size of the Music Industry in the Motor City. The study valued Detroit’s music industry at $1.15 billion.

Some interesting details were also discovered about their music industry:

  • Employs more than 7,000 people
  • Earnings totaled over $170 million
  • People who work “music industry establishments” make an average of $27,000 a year
  • Total revenue was $1.15 billion, this includes record sales and ticket revenue

Maybe they should rethink that “Motor City” moniker…


6 Responses

  1. TheReanimator

    I live in Detroit, am in the music industry and this report is mindboggling. Also, who was interviewed for this survey?