Need Concert Footage on Your PlayStation? There’s an App for That…

Qello has launched as an app on PlayStation 3. Apps for PS4 and PS Vita will soon follow. The service is already available on Apple (iOS and Apple TV), Google (Android, Google TV), Smart TVs (Sony and Samsung), Windows, Kindle, and the web.

Qello provides a streaming library of “thousands of hours” of HD concerts and music documentaries. Their library has recently been enhanced by new partnerships with the three major labels. An unlimited subscription costs $4.99 a month.

Curiously, a first sign-in on Quello’s website brings up a large popup image of Kaki King‘s face…yet a search for “Kaki King” brings up no results.

The site has over a million registered users, but how many people will cough up the cash to watch concert videos on their PlayStation?

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  1. bangit out

    great question….i say 100k but when are they coming out with PS4 app?