Deezer Sponsors a Band, Expects a “Music Industry Revolution”…

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The company continues to keep busy ahead of their early 2014 U.S. launch.

Deezer is now supporting the Icelandic band Mono Town.

They are partnering with the band’s management, Key Music Management, to release the band’s debut album. This album will only be available digitally or on vinyl.

Two tracks from the album are now available on Deezer. Mono Town will soon be featured in a Deezer session, and in January Deezer will premiere the full album In the Eye of the Storm. The album will then be available on iTunes and limited edition vinyl.

Deezer thinks this will revolutionize not only the role of streaming platforms, but the entire music industry. Head of Artist Marketing Pierre Niboyet said:

“…this collaboration between Deezer, KMM and Mono Town is transformative …we’ve come together to give Mono Town a deserved launch platform — their story is just the start of what we hope to be a music industry revolution.”

5 Responses

  1. Accuracy

    Hi – I don’t see any mention of sponsorship in the detail – more a collaboration? The devil is always in the detail…

  2. TuneHunter

    If it will be on Deezer it will be also on Tube.
    Unless they produce for 40 to 60 demographics there is no reason for iTunes.
    Free Deezer to free Tube will do!
    I am not impressed.

    Deezer should change the name to TEEZER – then start to present the best 60 second snippets of tunes with no ID and charge just 39 cents for total ownership including the addition to the play list!


    Bur there is a problem, this 39 cents is NO GOOD for Mr. Keeling – he demands $.00009 per stream – this our FUTURE.

  3. FarePlay

    Nuance. Very interesting that the “work” wil be released only as digital or vinyl.