Looking for Bitcoin Black Friday Deals?…

Sad because you can’t spend your Bitcoin on Black Friday deals? Well now you can do just that.

The Bitcoin Black Friday website has put together over 400 Black Friday deals. Most of the deals aren’t very useful, but you can buy a discounted Reddit Gold membership or a Virgin Galactic ticket to space.

The site appears to be gaining some momentum, as almost half of its retailers signed up this week. TechCrunch says the site has had 30,000 unique visitors and 4,000 sign-ups.

2 Responses

  1. Brian Zisk

    Our company has been accepting Bitcoin for both the upcoming <a href="http://www.sfmusictech.com/bitcoin&quot; title="SF MusicTech Summit" and the <a href="http://futureofmoney.com/moneyconference/bitcoin&quot; title="Future of Money & Technology Summit" which takes place a week from today and so far it’s been fun. Bitcoin may continue to rise in value, or it may (more likely) drop, quite possibly to $0. But if you consider it fun and you’re playing with a virtual currency which you can afford to lose, it may be worth a shot for some. At this point, my hunch is that accepting Bitcoin helps as another marketing tactic, and since imho most folks who currently purchase using Bitcoin wouldn’t have bought a ticket otherwise, even if the price of Bitcoin totally collapses, the most we’re likely to lose are the taxes we pay along the way and the hard costs of having people who purchase their tickets in Bitcoin attend. We are willing to take these risks in exchange for the possible upsides. 🙂 That said, seek out your own legal and tax advice. Using Bitcoin can get sticky quickly if not done correctly, and the landscape changes quickly. Definitely don’t do anything you wouldn’t want anyone to find out about under the misimpression that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. In practice, any/most of them can be relatively easily traced…