‘Blackfish’ Causes Willie Nelson and Barenaked Ladies to Cancel SeaWorld Performances…

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Barenaked Ladies recently cancelled their upcoming SeaWorld performance due to the Blackfish documentary. Now Willie Nelson has done the same.

People who saw Blackfish became concerned about the treatment of animals at the park, they started petitions on Change.org asking the artists to cancel. The petitions collectively received over 17,700 signatures.

Barenaked Ladies said:

“This is a complicated issue, and we don’t claim to understand all of it, but we don’t feel comfortable proceeding with the gig at this time.”

Willie Nelson’s management confirmed the show was cancelled but said nothing else.

The canceled performances are part of SeaWorld’s upcoming Bands, Brew & BBQ events. SeaWorld has now taken down the entire list of performers, including Scotty McCreery and Cheap Trick. There are petitions asking these artists to cancel as well but there has been no response so far.

26 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    There doesn’t seem to be any confirmation that Willie Nelson cancelled because of Blackfish. All we know at this point is that he cancelled. That seems to be a rushed headline and conclusion.

    • Mommabear

      Wrong. I just heard Willie Nelson on CNN ans he said it was because of the movie and how Sea World treats it’s Orcas. He is an animal rights advocate and after viewing the documentary he said he could not in good conscience perform there. Barenaked Ladies cancelled for the same reason.

      • Anonymous

        Well, yes, now Willie Nelson has spoken to CNN and confirmed his feelings. This headline was up before he did that and I still feel we need confirmation first, headlines later, but sure, it’s all good now. Go Willie!

    • Jimbo

      And now Cheap Trick has pulled and Tommy Lee started a petition to end the Shamu Rocks show.

  2. FloridaFun

    Rush to judgement my friend. Your headline should be changed because its not back up by facts.

  3. Anonymous

    Okay, Sea World employees. Because there are clearly other reasons for them to cancel these shows. *rolls eyes*

  4. Anonymous

    You’re right. He could have any reason under the sun to cancel these shows. I’m not a fan of SeaWorld and I’m super glad he’s not going to perform there. But ascribing him motives he hasn’t himself given is just not responsible information sharing, that’s all.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Did Willie Nelson suddenly decide that Sea World didn’t make sense for his tour for other reasons, perhaps money or logistics? Possibly.

      Did Willie Nelson cancel to avoid the near-certain controversy that would materialize had he performed? Probably.

      When it comes to situations like these, it really doesn’t matter who’s right. Because Willie Nelson functions like a brand, with instincts that are similar to more traditionally recognized brands as American Express or Toyota. Controversy is best avoided if it will serve to taint the image or reduce adherents and buyers.

      • Jimbo

        Willie Nelson dropped for the same reason Heart did. He didn’t know it was at seaworld. On his schedule it only showed Orlando. If he knew, it would have never been scheduled.

  5. Heather

    Who cares why, the point is that it’s one less artist to attract their fans to this bs enslavement camp.

  6. Shamu

    One day soon all killer whales will be free to roam
    Worlds great oceans in family pods!0

  7. Excelsior

    Sea world’s abuses are nothing compared to those perpetrated by Japanese and Chinese fisherman, not to mention greedy oil companies destroying ocean habitats… Shall I go on?

    • Anonymous

      Even if they’re “not as bad” that doesn’t make them good.

    • Popeye

      Most 401k’s have oil stocks. Millions of people are employed and feeding their families because of “greedy” oil companies. Employee withholding taxes pay for millions of people’s Medicare/Medicaid/retirement. And, you can fill up your tank easily so that you can make it to your next occupytard sit in.

      Go sit in the corner and pretend that your brain works.

    • Jimbo

      This is a hell of a start though. If everyone keeps the pressure on here, it can ripple to the fishermen over there. Then history can repeat itself.

  8. Popeye

    It’s just a stupid fish. Calm down–nature makes more, and it is cute when they do back flips!

    • Teresa Wagner

      They are marine mammals, not fish. Watch Blackfish and learn the facts of the cruelty at SeaWorld.

    • Anonymous

      Popeyes you are just a stupid human who
      Doesn’t know mammals from fish. You should go sit in the corner and get educated.

      • Popeye

        I knew you would fall for it hook, line and sinker. Here’s your sign.

  9. Gina

    I signed the petition and I’d like to think he cancelled because of fans and Blackfish. But, I read that Orlando is closing down Shamu Stadium where he was supposed to play…I think, and Willie’s band members were in a pretty serious bus accident about a month ago, and he postponed a lot of shows. So, maybe it was a combination of things, but if he’s saying he doesn’t like the way they are treating their animals, he probably means it.

  10. Anonymous

    I understand everyone’s concerns about the cruelty of these giant beauties, but just think about what you are asking. Some of these whales were born at Sea World, others have been in captivity for years. Their pod is who they swim with at Sea World, now. None of which have hunted for their food either their whole lives or since being captured. It is just as cruel to throw them to the sharks because they can’t hunt.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately this true enough to be saddening. How quickly people forget forget what happened to Keiko after his release :( Still I think Seaworld should stop maintaining these animals. Wish I knew the answer. It would cost millions to set up an organization that could even begin to thin about teaching these animals to survive.