A Music Platform that Aggregates Spotify, Rdio, YouTube, SoundCloud…

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  • Save is a music streaming platform that aggregates songs from other music services, creating a supposed ‘home for every song on the internet’.

The site was created to make sharing music across platforms easy, as it can be difficult to send songs found across Spotify or Rdio directly to non-using friends.

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Currently, songs are pulled from Rdio, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.  Additionally, songs can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play stores.  Bop plans to expand that list, and already claims to be tracking music from outside the listed sources.  Beta-stage users are invited to contact Bop if anything is missing.

Only one result for each song is created, grouping all sources together. figures out which services a user is signed up for upon playback. also offers radio and playlist features.

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The service comes from startup accelerator program Y Combinator.  Songkick, Rap Genius, and Reddit are among the program’s illustrious participants, though it’s difficult to win the lottery in music.  At this stage, it’s all about investing in tickets, including licensing costs.  On that note, Y Combinator recently told TechCrunch:

“, in private beta, is already streaming 100,000 songs per day from consumer traffic and sites like, one of Bop’s first partners, where it powers music playback.”


11 Responses

  1. cjhoffmn

    I find this bizarre. In the past, I think most of the aggregation apps didn’t work (anyone rememebr ICU or Trillian – the chat aggregators?). Keeping up with the different individual apps was incredibly difficult, and the change to the consumer was good, but not worth paying for. So now, they are proposing inserting another middleman in the music delivery chain that will have to find some financial value, when there already is trouble finding enough financial value as it is.

    Real estate / Airlines / Hotels are areas where this seems to work (Kayak) but there’s a real transaction, and value for the lead for that transaction. I’m not sure that applies in the case of streaming since they are using traffic to build advertising networks. Building another network with players who are trying to build their own just seems strange.

    What am I missing?

  2. RobFil

    love the idea of unifying listening platforms. However, they’re borrowing streams from free tiers of ad supported services, but stripping all of the ads out, and this will prove extremely problematic. I clicked through several songs and did not hit any pre-roll ads from youtube streams, even on the most popular songs, which means there is some programming voodoo at work.

      • TuneHunter

        Another legal criminal has arrived. I will pass!

        RIAA and label boys time to assess your future – ads and subs will deliver just poverty.

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