Ourtunez: Curated Playlists Feature Both Popular and Unsigned Artists…

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Ourtunez is an iOS streaming app that revolves around curated playlists. These playlists pair popular mainstream artists with unknown artists of all genres and are influenced by user feedback.

The purpose of this is to introduce listeners to new music while still playing songs they know and love. Tracks can be shared on social media or added to playlists.

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Independent artists can sign up to submit their music to the database. Co-founder Chris Ciaramitaro says Ourtunez will help these artists gain recognition:

“Some of the greatest bands out there may never have the opportunity to reach the masses without the marketing and promotion of a major label… Talented musicians need a new voice and listeners need an avenue to hear and discover them. Ourtunez provides that world stage.”

The co-founders have spent the last three years fundraising, licensing songs, and building the app. An Android version of the app is on the way.

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