‘Spotify for Artists’ Protest Site Ripped Down…

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‘Spotify for Artists,’ a protest site that proposed massive changes in the way Spotify treats artists, has now been ripped down and is inaccessible.  The mock site, at spotifyforartists.com, was launched to coincide with Spotify’s criticized artist outreach effort, Spotify Artists (spotifyartists.com).

But that’s the thing about the internet.  It’s hard to erase stuff.  Here’s what the site looked like a few days ago.

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10 Responses

  1. visitor

    hmmmm… yet another case of silicon valley double standards… “free and open,” except you make fun of them…

    • AnAmusedGeek

      More likely, more ‘trademark’ law being used to surpress parody sites.
      Heh – maybe they got a DMCA takedown 😛

      Sounds like the sort of thing Public Citizen would have a field day with…

      • Casey

        But parody sites should be recognizable as being just that. To an average uninformed person, Spotify for Artists looks legit and could confuse current and future users.

  2. Adam

    How do you know it was ripped down and not taken down voluntarily?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Who knows. Sites usually don’t disappear overnight, yet this one did. So, somebody ripped it down, voluntarily or otherwise. Perhaps it’s as simple as the owners not paying Go Daddy; in reality I think whoever posted this site was pressured.

      Let’s see, the truth has a funny way of coming out, especially on these pages.

  3. Chris

    Ever thought it might have been taken down because it was total and utter rubbish?

  4. Economancer

    “Spotify’s criticized artist outreach effort…” Please link me to one article in the mainstream press that criticizes Spotify for this move. Haven’t you people been asking for transparent Spotify figures since the service launched? Shouldn’t this make you happy? This is just becoming puerile.

    “Hey, look Digital Music News, Spotify finally did that thing you wanted them to do.”
    “But I HATE Spotify!”

    And, seriously, do you actually think that the SpotifyforArtists site was in any way coherent? Do you realize that Spotify already pays out 70% of their revenue in royalties for music? Do you realize that the royalty feud between artists and labels isn’t Spotify’s problem and that tasking Spotify — a customer in this instance — as with the burden of mediating those parties’ affairs would be asinine?

    What exactly are you criticizing with SpotifyforAritsts? I take back my earlier request that you link me a mainstream press article criticizing Spotify for revealing royalty statistics to artists — I just want you to name me one single thing that can be criticized about increased transparency.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      OK fine, I’ll write an entire article answering this question.