Payback’s a B*tch: The Beastie Boys Countersue GoldieBlox…

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GoldieBlox recently tried to make peace with the Beastie Boys.  But that was only after ripping off their song and aggressively suing the Beastie Boys for challenging the usage.

The quick history: GoldieBlox, a girls-focused toymaker, had sued preemptively to protect an advertisement that had a parody of the Beastie Boys’ song “Girls”.  GoldieBlox then pulled the parody from the ad and CEO Debbie Sterling said they would drop the lawsuit if everyone would forget the whole thing.  Sterling didn’t want to fight with the Beastie Boys, they ‘wanted to be friends’.

Offer: declined.  The Beasties Boys have now filed a counterclaim suit against GoldieBlox for copyright and trademark infringement, false advertising, false endorsement and unfair competition.

In a statement, the Beastie Boys were dead serious in their assessment of the situation:

“Unfortunately, rather than developing an original advertising campaign to inspire its customers to create and innovate, GoldieBlox has instead developed an advertising campaign that condones and encourages stealing from others.”

More as it develops.

7 Responses

  1. Central Scrutinizer

    I am wondering how “ewitch” acquires a Creative Commons license to use that image.

  2. good news

    Good to see that some artists still have balls and have not been castrated by the 1% of S.Valley (Google, Facebook etc)…!

  3. stephen Aristei

    Not only is it great to see artist’s with “balls”, willing to protect their creations,but GoldieBlox needs to be taught a lesson and made an example, in that they knowingly infringed, then, because they had the money to do so, tried to pervert the law to protect themselves……Excuse me for saying this but in “street-speak”, this kind of behavior is “lower than low” and they need to get f’ed hard where they sleep ! Can you imagine if every big company decided to do this rather than follow the law….Wait a minute, thats already happening isn’t it ! ! !LOL !

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Not necessarily. There’s another perspective on this. After all, “Girls” is a totally misogynistic song; GoldieBlox is about empowering young girls so they appropriated it. Now I will admit the song sounds very similar to the original, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a case to be heard.

      • Anonymous

        It could be fair use. I’m not going to make a judgement on it, let the court system figure it out.

  4. Richard Altman

    The irony of these Boys lawyers, discussing anything other than rhymin’ and stealin’ and car theif’n, hold it now, quite simply, all of their songs are a manipulated mix tape with some rhymed insights that act as figure on ground that they routinely stole from others, only clearing samples when they got caught, they should’ve just said ‘takes one to know one’ looked at the message of goldieblox and figured if this causes a trend of intelligent advertising, then wouldn’t that actually be the Real Beastie Revolution. oh and i do a video treatise on this entire idiotic episode of litigation as a profit centre, here, it’s not processed yet and it’s 43 minutes long and there’s a load of McLuhan, so, Beastie’s shoulda taken the interesting road and let this one ride.