Soundrop Comes to Android, Spotify App Updated…

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Soundrop released an Android app and updated their Spotify app.

The Spotify app has been completely redesigned, changing the appearance and layout. Rooms now easily display upcoming events, related rooms, and the chat box — which was previously hidden on the side. The 50 top weekly tracks in each room are now displayed as a playlist that users can subscribe to.

Soundrop has also added insights for select rooms. This will allow room owners to keep track of where users are from and how much they are listening and engaging.

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The new Soundrop Android app can be used by Spotify Premium users and Deezer Premium+ users. Users can join Soundrop rooms to listen to music and chat on the go. The design of this app is similar in feel to the new Spotify app and the iOS app feels clunky in comparison… We can probably expect an update for that in the near future.

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One Response

  1. X-Spotify

    I am not very happy with Spotify. While I was working on my router I noticed that Spotify opened several ports via UPnP without any notification to me. At first, I thought I was being hacked then I discovered Spotify was accessing my computer’s content for its P2P network. This pissed me off because Spotify has almost no documentation regarding permissions for their P2P access into my computer and it is not configurable. This seems very shady and I cant believe its not a bigger story. Do Spotify users even know the risk they take on by allowing Spotify to freely access their data. Given all that is going on in the world, I definitely do not want to leave my hard drive fully accessible to Spotify or anyone else for that matter. I am canceling my premium subscription ASAP and removing every last bit of Spotify’s P2P software from my computer.