A List of Every Artist That Has Cancelled on SeaWorld Due to ‘Blackfish’…

Here’s a list of all the artists (so far) that have canceled a performance, citing the ‘Blackfish’ documentary as the reason.

Blackfish has effectively ruined SeaWorld’s 2014 Bands, Brew, and BBQ concert series.

Fans started online petitions on Change.org for each artist, urging them to drop out. Most bands announced their decision via social media accounts.

Justin Moore and Scotty McCreery are the only artists left on the schedule. They’ve stayed silent on the issue, but are undoubtedly facing much pressure.

SeaWorld spokesman Nick Gollattscheck told CNN the park is booking replacement acts, saying: “We’ll announce the full lineup of bands when all artists have been confirmed” ….Good luck with that.

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  1. joyce devlin

    I feel these ‘aquariums’ should be closed down and any artist should refuse to perform there. If they to go ahead with their performances then they are putting cash before the welfare of these animals and their fans should reflect that.

    • Anonymous

      Try learning the whole story…….Sea World does more GOOD for animals then you would even know. This just shows how shallow minded you and all the artist are.

  2. linda keith

    come on Justin and Scotty please do the right thing and cancel playing at Sea World , you know its the right thing to do

  3. arlend domenico

    Please do the right thing..not for us but for the mammals!!

  4. Kris Teeple-Judkins

    We’ve made a statement, bold and clear. Eight physical incidents at SeaWorld between trainers and whales. Doesn’t that say enough about how these killer whales should not be in captivity? One trainer was killed! They are wild animals and we have no right to put them in cement pools where they can make a lap in 2 minutes as apposed to the 100+ miles that they may have traveled each day in the oceans with their families.

  5. Gonny

    Keep fighting to stop cruelty…these ‘amusement’ parks are soon to be a ‘silly’ thing of the past! Wake up artists, you really don’t want to be associated with this!

  6. Bonnie Spielman

    Let’s not forget these two people:
    SeaWorld’s long year of ugly public-relations setbacks just got even worse: Joan Jett has served the theme park with a cease and desist letter demanding that they stop using her music as part of one of their most popular attractions.
    CNN reports that Jett sent her letter to SeaWorld CEO Jim Atchison in response to the park’s use of her signature song ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ to lead off its ‘Shamu Rocks!’ show. Apparently unaware that her song was part of the program, Jett wrote that she was “surprised and upset” to hear it in a YouTube clip, and found herself “sickened that my music was blasted without my permission at sound-sensitive marine mammals.”
    “These intelligent and feeling creatures communicate by sonar and are driven crazy in the tiny tanks in which they are confined,” continues Jett’s letter. “If I don’t receive written confirmation that SeaWorld will cease and desist from using any Joan Jett & the Blackhearts music, I will be forced to take further action, and you’ll find me among the PETA protesters outside your parks.”
    Edgar Winter
    Edgar and Monique’s letter to SeaWorld!

    To Jim Atchison and SeaWorld,
    It has just been brought to my attention (from many concerned fans writing into our web site) that one of my songs “Free Ride” is being used without my knowledge or consent in a video called “Shamu Rocks.” My wife Monique and I share a deep love and respect for all animals, and are active in rescue and care issues.
    The idea of these beautiful, and intelligent mammals being confined to a small tank, held in captivity, and subjected to whatever measures necessary to force them to perform these “so called” tricks fills our hearts with anguish, shame, and sorrow. The idea behind the song “Free Ride” is freedom, which is exactly that of which these noble and sensitive creatures are being deprived.
    I respectfully ask that you immediately stop using “Free Ride” in this video or any similar connection, as it subverts the meaning and intention of the song, and makes it appear that I personally approve and condone such activity.
    Thank you in advance for your attention, compliance, and understanding this resenting and more compassionate point of view.

    Best regards,
    Edgar and Monique Winter

    I do so “love it when a plan comes together”

  7. anonymous

    everone has there oppinion but there are more stuff out there worst but when theres a water animal hurt who do they call seaworld if they are so bad why call them because they help animals so tired of all this crap like it says those without sin throw the first stone i love animals but peta is a pita sometimes thers worst things in this world but lets beat up seaworld how many animals were killed by exxon but soon we forget i bet yall all still buy there gas sometimes im a season tix holder and i will support seaworld blast me if yall want but thats how i feel just like its how you feel to blast seaworld so why dont we try to help all the kids that are not being taken care of properly they cant help themselfs either just saying bye for now

    • Livja Sorenson

      The majority of people who don’t support SeaWorld are not even affiliated with peta. This also isn’t the only injustice we fight against. Most of us battle for all kinds of causes. We fight for children, women, men, the environment in addition to animals. It’s extremely ignorant to assume those who help animals don’t help humans as well. I urge google “dolphin slaughters in Taiji” and see exactly what you are supporting with your season tix.

    • jewelsdolphins

      Anonymous, I don’t know why you think that by caring about the ocean, we don’t care about humans and other animals. Compassionate people tend to care about ALL the suffering inthe world. We take a stand against Exxon spills, Winter at Clearwter, Morgan, elephants, people who are hurricane or ather disaster victims. Most of the worlds oxygen comes from the ocean and without the oceans humans will die. Apex predators liek sharks and whales are key to the ocean ecosystems surviving and we are really precariously late in making change. Not sure why you think compassion and speaking out for those in need is so crazy. We do what we can for others. Bush Gardens is owned by SeaWorld which is owned by Annhauser Busch & Blackstone. SeaWorld does some rescue work with seals and the odd dolphin but theycause the slaughter foftens of thousands of dolphins per year as ‘collateral damage’ by paying $150,000+ for a dolphin. You see they have to be torn from their screaming families who are very bonded and won’t leave their babies side. So they kill the whole pod while they take a couple of ‘pretty’ babies to sell to SeaWorld. It is horrifically traumatic & violent. So the rescue PR doesn’t justify the damage they do. SW also severley damaged the Orca population in the north west by killing and capturing so many and the numbers have never recovered.
      They continue to capture & buy illegal wildlife by ‘laundering’ through other countries.
      The captive orcas and dolphins are suffering – they’ve watched their families killed and while still in shock are trained by starvation, transported by truck, and plane around the world to live in the equivalent of you living in your bathtub, can’t use their sonar, sensitive ears blasted with loud music & crowds, fed medications, teeth drilled with no anasthetic, sexually abused by trainers to get sperm to force impregnate females that wouldn’t normally get pregnant that young – so babies often die and if they survive are taken from a distraught mother to go to another park. Please qatch “the Cove” and “Blackfish” as an introduction of facts from government agencies like USDA, NOAA, Humane Society of the U.S. veterinarians, marinebilogists, Top Orca Researchers, SW ex-trainers etc.

      • anonymous

        for someone thats up on everything seaworld is no longer owned by the beer comp any more there owned by the same company that owns seaseme place in pa so get your facts right before you quote things that are not true

        • DelfinRey

          You’re incoherent but I am able to make out the ignorance in your statements. The cruelty of a LIVING CREATURE should be a good enough reason for anyone to be concerned; these animals are being punished, held in confinement for no reason other than sick human pleasure. SeaWorld does nothing good for anything or anybody, in fact there is PROOF that it is exploitative and dangerous for humans and animals. There are plenty of ways to help children, this is not one of them. If you really care about children, you wouldn’t be so lazy and use a highly offensive and overall cruel resource that teaches children to grow up and be absentminded and idiotic like you. Or if you are a child, you really need to read more. Write more. LEARN. Do not drop out of school, for society’s sake… or if you choose to be a burden, do so quietly.

      • Bandwagoning Idiot

        I can’t wait to visit Seaworld in the summer. It’s still too cold here 🙁

  8. anonymous

    ok how come yall dont go after disney they have a animal park so does busch gardens how about clearwater aquarium with summer how about the zoos yall all jump on the bandwagon when yall can get airtime im not saying i agree with all of the places that have animals yall right they are wild animalsbut all i seen in that video was former trainers if it was that bad they should of spoke up earlier but they didnt so they are worst than seaworld because if it was that bad they said nothing untill THEY NO LONGER WORKED THERE so they should be treated like shit like yall treating seaworld and i hope yall picket seaworld because ill drive in and wave too all of yall and say have a nice day yall are intitled to your opinons and so are other peeps so enjoy your freedom like i am ty

  9. Ele trainer

    SeaWorld is a great place that cares for its’ animals. They have provided information on sea life that would never be able to be recorder out in the wild. In turn this knowledge can be used to help save their wild counterparts. I’m sure the keepers treat these animals like their own children. It takes more dedication and trust to work with these animals than any of us will ever know. Yes Blackfish brings up valid points, but it’s a one sided film. Old video footage is used as if these are still common practices. Times change, procedures changes, training practices change. Any protesters out there really need to do their own research. Get off your couches, computer chairs, whatever, and find out information on your own. If you still don’t approve of SeaWorld’s actions that’s fine, everyone has the right to their own opinion, but find it out ion your own. Don’t join the bandwagon because the person next to you is. I offer a link to start some free thinking. Read if you like, hate on me if that makes you feel empowered. I’ll lose no sleep either way.


    • Dolphinlover

      Oh well since you know so much about Whales and sharks, then why don’t you justify the call that a marine animal who is used to traveling 60-80 miles a day is confined to a tank to perform acts so that the so called conservationist park can earn dollars and pay your salary.Imagine we tear you apart from your family and enclose you in a room and dont feed you until you perform for us, and then give you stale food and then put you back to your confined room.You know it and so does your conscience that you are wrong.You might say whatever and give any reasoning but the animal is unhappy and its evident.You can give love to them their wild nature can so dont even try going there.

    • DelfinRey

      I suppose you’ll be waitin’ for Santa Claus on Eve night?

  10. Anonymous

    Well, all the people that make animals suffer are pure nazi. they are not human-beings, and they will suffer hell, they and all their families!! 

  11. haha

    No surprise that the 2 remaining artists on the SeaWorld schedule are country singers.

  12. Ele trainer

    By your logic, PETA people are nazis. They put down more animals than they save.

  13. TruthGoddess

    Good, those bands cancelled so now I will look forward to better bands playing Sea World. I don’t want to support stupid liberal activist bands who wrongly accuse Sea World of abusing animals! I hope those bands all lose money and fan support. I know they have lost my support.

  14. TruthGoddess

    You activists have crap for brains. Sea World saves many animals and anyone with a little logic in their brain already knows that. Sea World will be ok, many of us who really do love animals support Sea World for all they do to help animals who need their care. Every socialist liberals country has always failed, but liberals will still continue to walk down the same street and into that same big whole. The liberals won’t learn, they don’t care about the truth nor facts, only what they want to believe.

    • DelfinRey

      Haha you are no goddess.

      Okay so the death of humans and animals is… irrelevant? A mere anomaly, perhaps? But it happened more than once did it not? You have no sources. You have nothing but strings of text put together in defiance of what you claim as “illogical” yet you blatantly disregard fact?

      You’re a sheep, a brainwashed drone with poo brain. All you people are textbook; “Wahhh socialism boohoohoo liberals crycrycry obama terrorist sobsob downfall of society”

      Get new material.

      • DelfinRey

        By the way dumbass, saying “every” assumes “all”, which makes your conservative, anti-progressive, archaic caveman thinking self WRONG and once again, disregarding fact as you people would with your head in the clouds and hand down your pants.
        Sweden, sweetheart.
        It’s a northern Europeans country that is thriving under socialism.
        Google it.

        Anymore help I would be glad to assist. Thank you.

  15. Anonymous

    Bullsh*t! Do the real research and stop relying on what you are spoon fed! Seaworld does a lot of GOOD!

  16. Anonymous

    “TruthGoddess” is an interesting name seeing that you spew out anything but the truth. SeaScum can rot.

  17. JC

    I dont get it. Animals are part of everyones life in some way. We love them as companions but we kill them for food. So I dont understand PETA picking on Seaworld. What about the Circus, Zoo’s or all the government agencies that euthanize animals every single day. If its all about abuse then Peta should wake up and smell the roses of the world.

  18. Jeananne Nelson

    Why if everyone picking on Seaworld?? Even the poor girl that was killed by the whale has publicly said that this movie is not her story. Do we really need to find something to b*tch about so bad that we ignore the pleas of her family? As for PETA, they need to be public when they pick on someone that is why they are going after Seaworld and not the Circus. I have heard many disturbing things about what the Circus people do to the elephants.

  19. Anonymous

    This is so stupid blackfish was a fakementary that even lied to the people staring in it. Sea world is the best organization in helping marine life and that pos fakementary of disgruntled ex employees have done nothing but hurt a great organization that cares. Almost all the animals in the shows are rescue animals or offspring of such. They get the best care and attention. If you are basing all you fake hate based on one false movie your an idiot.