Details of Milt Olin’s Memorial Service…

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Here are the details regarding Milton Olin’s upcoming memorial service.

Olin was an entertainment lawyer and former Napster executive. He was killed while riding his bike, a cop car drove into him while driving in the same direction. The cop in the vehicle was not responding to an emergency. The LA County Sheriff’s Department said they would investigate the death… they’ve yet to present any findings.

The memorial will take place on Saturday, December 21st at 2pm. The location is:
The Jim Henson Company Lot
1416 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028

The Olin family says parking will be limited and are asking attendees to carpool. They also ask that RSVPs be made at this link.

12 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Is this an invitation to come and dance on his grave — and is it free? 🙂

    In the unlikely event that anybody has forgotten:

    The orignal Napster was the leading organized copyright crime organization of it’s time and this is what happened while Mr. Olin was COO:

    * Napster stole music from Metallica, Dr. Dre and Madonna.
    * Napster refused to remove the stolen content.
    * Napster was sued and sued again.
    * Napster lost in court and appealed — and lost again.
    * Napster went bankrupt.

    • Nina Ulloa

      and do you intend to “dance on the grave” of everyone involved in big business and major banks and politics as well?

    • Vince Bannon

      What an Ass Clown you are – Anonymous! Milt was one of the absolute best – period!

    • Louise Olin

      I can almost guess who Anonymous is. Milt was a forward thinker, he had vision and he embraced change. He wanted to make Napster legit and worked very hard to make sure that everyone was taken care of through licensing. If all of you backward thinkers had the vision of the future that Milt had, you would have embraced Napster and you would have had a much better deal then you have now.

      Maybe in the future, in this ever changing world, you might want to take this little bit of advice, “The world is going to change and advance with the times, if you don’t want to be left behind you will embrace the changes that the future brings.

  2. Anonymous police

    Dear Anonymous.
    You’re not anonymous. You know who you are. You trolled Milt Olin’s passing. You will pay for that, karma wise.
    Milt Olin, for those of us who had the absolute pleasure of meeting, was one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet.
    You, on the other hand, are just another unknown dickhead who’s done nothing with his life.
    I knew you’d read this.

  3. Jim Griffin

    Milt Olin was a wonderful man with every intention of licensing Napster, just as he worked to license music and media for his many clients, artists, labels, studios, tiny digital startups — you name it. He was the Statue of Liberty in our business, working hard to pair everyone he met into mutually beneficial relationships, rejecting no one, kind to all.

    He was a leader by example, proof that scorching the earth is the wrong approach. The polarized mindset you are exhibiting is emblematic of the very worst of our time, pitting artists against fans and one another, blaming the conduits between them and anyone involved.

    History will prove this prohibition mistaken, that licensing is always the right course. That was Milt Olin’s specialty and he spent time on all sides of that bargaining table. Better you should learn from him, Anonymous, than to pronounce mistaken judgment on someone you could not possibly have known.

    Milt loved to connect, always connect, gathering a group in his backyard or favorite restaurant, sure that once they knew one another they’d find ways to work together. Your assessment of him, that he was nothing more than Napster, is such a disconnect that it is obvious you write more out of frustration and ignorance than knowledge and compassion, and this is a sad place to find yourself. Hope you find yourself better soon; Unfortunately, due to a sheriff’s deputy who cannot so much as find it within themselves to be identified, let alone apologize, we’ve lost Milt forever.

    Rest in Peace, Milt Olin. You are loved by many.

    • Lara Lavi

      Milt Olin was a dear friend to me and my husband. He was the attorney in charge when I was signed to A&M records back in the day. He got his internet ministry license and married me and my husband on the roof of the House of Blues years ago in New Orleans during Jazz Fest. My godfather Charles Neville sax player for the Neville brothers gave me away. He was a stand up guy, an amazing business development professional and I know for a fact that he was highly sensitive to what artists and songwriters have gone through in this digital age of music. He was one of my mentors and he and his family are always in our hearts.

      What is not mentioned in any of these postings is that his wife Louise Olin is/was/is the pillar in the Olin household. She kept that house going and she supported Milt through every business role he ever had. All of Milt’s innovation and brilliance came because he had an incredibly supportive and in her own right brilliant and loving wife and mother to his two boys Chris and Jeff.

      To know the Olin family is to know a successful family. Milt loved his family more than his entire career combined and anyone who really knows the Olins knows that.

      RIP Milt. You are loved. Louise you are loved. Jeff and Chris take care of your mom.


      Lara Lavi and Maurice Jones Jr.

      “……after everything is said and done Lara, you will always be one of my favorite chick singers in a band”
      Milt Olin circa 2003

  4. Andrew Bridges

    Jim Griffin, beautifully put. Blessings upon Milt’s family and upon his memory.

  5. Arlene Waters

    Dear Olin Family,

    I learned of Milt’s passing on the Grammy’s. I am shocked and so sad for all of you. My deepest sympathies go out to the whole family, especially you Louise. He adored you. Though we did not see you to much in recent years, we loved Milt’s Christmas letters each year and looked for to learning about all the wonderful things your family was doing. Again, so sorry for this terrible tragedy. Arlene Waters