Blood Orange Is Now Donating That $24,000 to Charity (Sort of…)

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Dev Hynes says he is going to give the money that was raised through an online donation campaign to charity.

Hynes, who is known by stage name Blood Orange, recently lost all his belongings and his puppy in an apartment fire. His girlfriend’s mother set up an online donation campaign without his knowledge to help him out.

The campaign had a goal of $5K but quickly reached over $24K. Hynes requested the campaign be shut down once he found out about it. On his Tumblr he wrote:

“I want to give all the money to charity, 3 charities to be precise which I will explain further at a future point, that’s how I feel… As I probably am still in shock, and may not have a choice but to accept some of the money, and then think about charities.”

Hynes also responded to an article posted by The Guardian, originally titled “Dev Hynes’s puppy sob story has left me burnt out”, by asking them to never write about him again.