44 Years Later, Santana Reunites With a Homeless Band Member…

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Carlos Santana has been reunited with a member of the original Santana Blues Band, a homeless man named Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone.

KRON reporter Stanley Roberts was filming a segment about illegal dumping and approached a nearby homeless man. Roberts asked the man’s name, he responded by saying: My name is Marcus, Marcus Malone. At one time I was with the Santana band, the original Santana Blues Band… Now I’m homeless and on the streets.

Roberts looked into it and confirmed the claim, the Carlos Santana Blues Band started in Malone’s mother’s garage.

Malone was sent to prison shortly before Santana’s 1969 career-launching Woodstock performance. The two men had not been in touch since then, although Carlos Santana says he had been looking for him.

Roberts reunited the two. Santana says he is going to help Malone get back on his feet. He also plans on including Malone in recording sessions he has been planning with original band members.

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  1. Ralph Cavallaro

    I love Carlos for his humble and human side. I love this story!