Beyoncé: Amazon and Target VS Walmart and Starbucks?

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Beyoncé’s new album has become a never-ending story with evolving headlines.

The latest development is that Amazon seems to be in alignment with Target’s anti-Beyoncé stance, the two retailers aren’t carrying the new self-titled CD. Starbucks will be carrying the CD and has joined Walmart in publicly proclaiming so.

Grouping Amazon with Target is only partially true. The album is available from third party sellers and Amazon will get a cut of that.

Furthermore, Amazon is carrying the digital version of the album. This move makes sense as the music videos come with the digital download. The CD version will surely sell, but many customers will likely want to feast their eyes upon these videos without having to wait for the album to ship.

2 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    How confusing. How do we handle this? Even I, as someone who holds contempt from this who “think” they hold the power and ask everyone else to ADAPT, see the irony in this situation.

    Ultimately, as a believer in the sale of recorded music and one who prefers physical product over digital downloads, understand the advantages and disadvantages of digital only “windowing”. Whas happened here only underscores the complexity of digital distribution and that there is no single solution to the challenges facing artists in today’s digital economy.

    By Target stepping forward and refusing to carry the CD is the strongest statement that’s been issued by retail demanding physical product in a very long time.

    We dramatically shrink the number of musicians who can carve out a living without the sale of recorded music and by doing so limited not only our choices, but the diversity that so many of us cherish.

    I for one, will be leaning on music to bring me joy and comfort tonight and tomorrow. And I can’t begin to share my gratitude for all the musicians and songwriters, who have gotten me through the best times and hardest times of my life.