So, Who IS Benefitting From Spotify?

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Artists are chomping at the bit to tell us how much they hate Spotify… but which artists are getting enough streams to make more than pocket change?

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Spotify has posted stats on their Year in Review 2013, including chart toppers by country, city, and user. These artists were the most played globally.

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14 Responses

    • Visitor

      Hate Daniel Ek? Then Start Your Own Damn Subscription Service…

      • Casey

        Or just ignore Spotify and license to other music services. There is no shortage of competition.

        • PiratesWinLOL

          Yeah, for example go with itunes and enjoy a shrinking market for mp3 downloads.

          • Yves Villeneuve

            The evidence shows aggregate mp3 downloads are increasing due to increased album downloads. Please do some proper research.

          • Anonymous

            “Please do some proper research.”

            He doesn’t have a clue — here’s what he said about Beyoncé’s new album: 🙂

            “it is just some silly arty-farty project, which very few will care about”

          • GGG

            I thought Spotify was destroying the industry and stealing DLs!??! How can downloads be going up? It’s a Christmas miracle!!!

          • Paul Resnikoff

            Let’s wait for the year-end numbers. The data I’ve seen have shown week-over-week declines and erosion, though there may actually be a year-over-year uptick in 2013 (at least as measured by Soundscan for the US). Should be interesting to pick through the fresh batch of numbers when they arrive.

  1. TuneHunter

    Nobody, including Spotify!
    Streaming as a delivery method is superb.
    Streaming, Spotify style, with all discovery on board makes it the most efficient music harvester ever.

    Single month of Spoty a year with Shazam in between makes you an owner of everything that matters to your particular music taste.

  2. DirtySoapMusic

    You all just remember this. When you point fingers, there is 3 pointing back. Why don’t you badger each other and talk about increased vinyl sales.

  3. Jughead

    Convincing the file-sharing generation that they have a moral obligation to pay for music is a waste of time.

    Time to reinvent the wheel.

    • TuneHunter

      You are correct, discovery has to be forced to sale only mode.
      Free discovery equals FREE MUSIC.

      Shazam and similar services are the biggest nightmare of the industry.
      Legal changes or financial persuasion of those whizz balls is long overdue!

  4. Anonymous

    The most popular artists are making on the order of tens of millions of dollars from Spotify.